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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Charlie Panther

Jonny Firestorm 5'5, 150

Get a good look, Panther pussy!

Thick-thighed figure 4 scissors

Hoisted for a big stalling suplex

Foot to the face humiliation: Part of some wild outside-the-ring action

Jonny the Rookie

Jonny Firestorm's talent and ambition announced themselves in his earliest appearance at BG East, squaring off, among others, against Brad Rochelle, BGE's star attraction at the time. The cards and letters started pouring in, and, needless to say, we can recognize a sensation when we see one. Soon after, Jonny starred in his own Wrestler Spotlight and scored a medal in freestyle wrestling at the first World Outgames in Montreal. Since then, Jonny has squared off against every wrestler of note on the company's roster.

Firestorm has transitioned from boy wonder to "resident badass" (his words), recently winning the fans' choice award as Best Heel of 2012. He's now widely respected (and feared) as a one-man trial by ordeal for every hot stud and wannabe roughneck trying to prove his chops to BG East fans. Compact and lethal as a snub-nosed .38, Jonny knows no fear, shows no mercy, and keeps even the most jaded seen-it-all fans transfixed with his inexhaustible inventiveness, his charisma and his driven desire to win big in the ring.

His match here against Charlie Panther is one of his earlier ring appearances, just released from the BG East's top-secret underground vaults. At the time, Charlie, like Jonny, was relatively new to the company. A seasoned pro when he arrived to our ring, Charlie had just faced indy pro sensations Paul Hudson and Cameron Matthews.

The Boss, cruelly playful as a cat, thought it would be fun to see what the recently more muscled Jonny could do up against a competitor over half a foot taller and many pounds heavier. But with Charlie, we're not just talking size and muscle. He arrived at BG East fully confident in his technical and tactical skills too and determined to destroy any wrestler who stood between him and the superstardom he saw as his due. With talent this driven and this experienced and with two egos so huge, this was bound to be a killer match-up!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Charlie Panther
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Sleeper scissors combo: Will Charlie be able to fight it off?

Jonny working his magic: Knee to the spine bow n' arrow variation

Charlie Panther 6'1, 203 lbs

High-flying Jonny soars in the air

Jonny in total bear hug agony

Torturous hangman hold sub

Clutching Jonny's jewels: Suffering the aftermath of a low blow

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