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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Paladin

Jonny Firestorm 5'5, 160 lbs

Big bulging bearhug beating

Bodyslamming the big man

Mormon sickle backbreaker

The Power of Paladin goes airborne: Big leg drop on a immobilized Jonny

Jonny the Resident, Hairy, Beefy Badass

Paladin came to BG East with a mask on his face and a chip on his shoulder. Smooth, statuesque, sinewy, and standoffish, he made no bones about his feeling that the other wrestlers were not in his league or about his contempt for BGE fans. Even after Silver Joe Robbins stripped the mask off him in Masked Mayhem 5 and then gave him a sound drubbing too, Paladin felt his indy pro experience still put him several notches above everybody else. He acted as if he were slumming just by appearing in our ring and constantly looked as if he had been vaguely offended by a rank and unwholesome smell.

When resident trainer Jonny Firestorm gamely offered to take him on for the other half of Paladin's two-match contract, Paladin could not hide his smug amusement over the fact that his next challenge would come from a man a full foot shorter, who, by his own admission, had "let his hair grow and obviously been out of the gym for a while."

At this point in his career, Jonny was BG East's "hooker," an old pro-wrestling term for an experienced fighter promoters sometimes call in to break or "hook" a troublesome upstart or anybody grumbling about the pay or management. So Jonny's offer was not as casual and offhand as it at first appeared. The Boss had summoned him to cut six-foot-six Paladin down to size. But in Fall 1, the body beautiful, exhibiting a knowledge of scientific wrestling equal to his finely toned physique, puts up a very respectable fight against Jonny, a competitor who is anything but a slouch in the ring, and, biggest surprise of all, manages to wring an agonizing submission out of the very man hired to kick his ass.

Evidently, Jonny and the Boss had seriously underestimated The Powers of Paladin. "Big oaf," Jonny calls him, bristling with anger and revving up to giant-slayer mode. "Where's my slingshot? Did you take the beanstalk here?" Full of himself, Paladin drops to his hands and knees for the amateur wrestling referee's start position, a deliberate provocative challenge, not to mention an insult to Jonny's legitimate wrestling creds. Big mistake!

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Jonny Firestorm vs. Paladin
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Trying to rip Paladin's shoulders out of his sockets with a leg nelson

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