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  Austin Cooper vs. Rio Garza

Austin Cooper 5'9, 175 lbs

Here's what REAL muscle looks like

Agonizing in a reverse bearhug

Immobilizing pec claw punishment

Muscle heel convert Austin Cooper, strikes a pose over battered and beaten fantasyman Rio Garza

Going Deep and Dark, or, Getting Rid of Rio

Austin Cooper loves to explore his nasty side. Straight-jacketed by his wholesome, all-American image, and by his loyalty to frequent tag partner and quintessential babyface Jake Jenkins, Coop has toyed with cutting loose and going deep and dark for quite a while now. There's always been a touch of arrogance in his character. And recently in Matmen 23 against BG East favorite Patrick Donovan, he displayed a bent not only for the trappings of heel-hood (long black tights and leather gauntlets) but a natural predisposition for destruction purely for its own sake. He cut some corners, took some cheap shots, luxuriated in Patrick's agonized moans, felt hot in black gear ... and, well, he liked it - a lot.

So for weeks, months, maybe a year Austin begged The Boss to throw him some hapless babyface types to torment and annihilate. The Boss was, of course, reluctant to see Coop change his BGE stripes, given how perfectly he wears the iconic red white and blue. But The Boss also knows the value of occasionally shaking things (and wrestlers) up a bit, and knowing the man's technical skill and seeing his potential for what we around here call "punishment as a form of artistic expression," The Boss consented. Et Voila! He set him up a match with BGE's premiere babyface, the Latino bombshell Rio Garza.

Rio has long been the emblem of physical perfection at BG East. Despite a low success ratio, or rather because of it, Rio's name attached to any of our products makes it a surefire bestseller. Some of the hotshot newcomers, Austin among them, envy Rio's golden touch and his legions of adoring fans, even though their own ascension to the BGE pantheon has been very nearly as bright and meteoric. So The Boss knew that dangling handsome Rio in front of Austin's nose would make the wannabe heel's mouth water.

And it did. A darker, determined and very defined Austin practically licks his chops at first sight of Rio, statuesque in heroic white trunks slung low enough to show a teasing glimmer of pubes over the waistline. Nonchalant, seemingly unflappable, untouchable and coolly macho as ever, Rio hardly even registers Austin's approach, eyes upon his back like heat-seeking missiles. Austin no sooner enters the ring, in slick inky trunks - won from the defeated carcass of a recently disposed BGE superstar - than he proclaims that he is, once and for all, "gonna get rid of" BG's first-ever Jobber of the Year.

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Austin Cooper vs. Rio Garza
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Rio's moment of glory, folding Austin up like an accordion for the 3 count

Rib crushing and breath-taking crotch-watching bodyscissors

Rio Garza 6', 185 lbs

Massive quads clamp down tight

Coop's crippling camel clutch

Wrecking Rio! Latino star cowers under Coop's withering assault

Sweaty, rock hard biceps clamp down and nearly KO the hunk

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