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  Austin Cooper vs. Mister E

Hunky Heel, Austin Cooper 5'9, 185 lbs

Putting the masked man in his place

Bulge inducing reverse bearhug: Squeezing the air out of Mr E

Big pecs bulge in a Boston crab

Austin's been doing his homework, sexy new armbar/neckcrank submission tortures the masked rookie

Trauma Queen

With his newfound resolution to the gratuitous punishment of opponents, Coop is looking for a another victim to trounce. Legitimate athletic competition, including a string of remarkable textbook-perfect victories, has only stoked Austin's taste for brutal dominance. It's hard to say whether the man's fixation on becoming BG East's next great heel is a temporary phase or a career-altering eruption of his dark side. Time will tell, no doubt. In the interim, it's certainly a spectacular transformation to observe and savor.

Coop's got the instincts for the job, to be sure, along with a powerful build and pro-wrestling savvy. His entrance here in a sexy black leather vest, matching leather boots and brief, bulging, butt-hugging, custom red squares - the debut match at BG East's new Southern Arena - is nothing short of breathtaking. And there's something to be said, too, for a tan, clean-cut, and boyish-looking psychopath in the ring. There's even a touch of genius in the concept. But, lasting or not, Austin is on a rampage now, and, to be perfectly straightforward, the show is just too awesome not to be watching it.

Nobody knows much about the masked wrestler who calls himself Mister E, other than he's clearly a 'Secret Asian Man'. His body type fits the category of neither the sinewy street punk itching to vent his aggression nor the typical egoist wanting to showcase his chiseled gym-toned muscle. Of all the wrestlers Austin might have singled out for a match, the rookie Mister E seems the least likely to pose a significant challenge for him.

That, it would seem, is what attracted Austin's attention in the first place: the man might as well have V-I-C-T-I-M embroidered on his mask. And today what Austin wants is a victim for a one-sided beatdown. He wants to hear screams. He wants to feel the crunch of bones beneath his own weight. He wants to fill his nostrils with the smell of another man's fear. Fortunately for Austin, Mister E may be a rookie but his threshold for abuse and PAIN is mind-bogglingly high! He takes a thrashing like none you've ever seen - and keeps coming back for more, his very brief trunks exhibiting a bulging crotch and bulbous butt!

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Austin Cooper vs. Mister E
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Pain, pleasure or both? Mister E's eventful crotch swells as Austin's knee drop shatters his spine

Mr E tortured in an OTK backbreaker using the ropes: We like this new sadistic Coop!

Secret Asian Man "Mister E" 5'10, 175 lbs

Grinding the jobber's face into the mat: Iron thighs try to break ribs

Head popping headscissors

Shoulder-ripping surfboard sub

A big bodyslam weakens the helpless masked jobber setting him up for even more gratuitous punishment

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