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  Dylon Roberts vs. Joah Bindao

Dylon Roberts - 5'9, 162 lbs

Struggling in a headscissors

Sitting deep into a single leg boston

Doubly big, doubly bulging speedos

Joah cranks down on an inverted bearhug while Dylon desperately squeezes a headscissors sub

Shacking Up

The Wrestleshack is a backyard clubhouse for wrestling men. Wrestlers come from far and wide to play combat games and improvise scenarios of aggression, control, and retribution. Physically the shack could not be more basic: four corners, a low ceiling, windows, and a door, with wall-to-wall wrestling mats. But with its history of gritty, often raunchy mat grappling, the shack is now much more than a physical space. It's a near-legendary playground where inhibitions are checked at the door and the line between bad blood and libido fades and, more often than not, gets entirely erased.

For some, The Wrestleshack is a quiet, serene Temple of Wrestling In The Woods to which any committed mat grappler must make a pilgrimage at least once in his life. For others, it's a frightening Grappler's Temple of Doom, a confined and intimidating private club where you put your manhood on the line - and sometimes lose it. One BGE grappler dubbed it "Humiliation House" - whatever you call it, an encounter in The Wrestleshack is invariably a life changing and very memorable experience for both combatants.

In his first trip to the shack, Dylon Roberts crosses the threshold hesitantly, arms folded on his chest. In two previous contests at BG East, Dylon has proved to be, despite his boyish cute looks, a tiger on the mats and in the wrestling ring. He doesn't know quite what to make of the shack or his latest opponent. Joah Bindao, chiseled to perfection, stands there waiting like a jinn from the Arabian Nights, ready to grant Dylon's three wishes or to destroy him thrice over. While the deceptively innocent-looking cutie pie balks at the doorway, Joah gets a rise out of him with a few jabs to the pecs.

Joah is a polished fighter, as forceful and quick as he is gorgeously fit. Like Dylon, Joah enters the Wrestleshack for the first time in this contest, but he looks perfectly at home here. Joah's physique has never been better, definition and balance in a compact frame, much like the shack itself. Over the years, he has tested some of BG East's primo roughnecks and muscle gods, including Mike Columbo, Denny Cartier, Jake Jenkins, and Eli Black. Never much for conversation or wisecracks, he's noted for letting his capoeira-infused fighting style do most of the talking for him. That's all right by us. We can't remember the last time anybody checked into the Wrestleshack just to chat.

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Dylon Roberts vs. Joah Bindao
33 minutes

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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Putting the hurt on the Latin stud

Driving a fist into Joah's midsection

Joah Bindao - 5'5, 138 lbs

Shoulder wrenching surfboard

Using the rafters for leverage

Dylon screams as Joah tries to rip the rookie's head off while making his point about Who's the Man!

Newbie Dylon Roberts tries to KO the diminutive muscle stud

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