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  Joshua Goodman vs. Aryx Quinn

Aryx Quinn - 5'9, 170 lbs

Downright dastardly kick to the dick! Aryx goes right to where Mr J lives!

Glorious Goodman displays his magnificence: Aryx gets up close & personal with Mr. J's famous pouch

Crotch ripping leg spread

Cocky Quinn admires his handiwork: Helpless Mr. J seems demolished in the ever-effective Aryx-rack

RING HUNKS1: When Stars Collide

What can be said about "Mister" Joshua Goodman and Aryx Quinn that hasn't already been said? What can be said about these two BG East superstars that they themselves haven't already said, repeatedly?! It is certainly true that they are two of the sexiest studs to ever pull on a pair of tight trunks for the BGEast audience. It is certainly true that there are few flaws to be found in the jaw dropping magnificence of their physiques. In another time they would have inspired sculptors and painters to create enduring works of art, capturing the sheer muscular beauty of such perfection for all eternity. Because yes, there IS perfection there - what could possibly be improved in either man? Every muscle is defined and sculpted and preened with absolute care and precision...

But physical beauty does not a wrestling god make - yet a very strong argument can be made that both men belong in the pantheon of wrestling gods. They have tested and proven their mettle over the years in every kind of match and every kind of gear against every kind of opponent imaginable with Their Presences gracing virtually every BG East venue. Sometimes their sweat-drenched bodies emerge victorious, and frequently, they have each gone down to ignominious defeat. But those rare defeats have never shrunken their colossal egos - or their bulges! The longevity of their careers is a testament to their skills and attitudes, proving they deserve the adoration of their legions of fans.

That the two would one day collide was positively inevitable - the only question remaining is what the fuck took so long to put them in the ring together? With egos as monumental as these two and with the contractual clause that there be a clear and definitive winner and an abject loser, one of these two superstuds must go down in defeat. With wrestling there is almost always a winner and a loser - and sometimes the action is so hot and sexy it's hard to say which is preferable - but certainly in this case the clear real winner is the viewer. This match is a magnificent feast for the eyes, ears and... well, you name it!

The match opens with Josh - that's Mr. Joshua to you - preparing by flexing and pumping up his body... showing it off for the mirror and the camera - that massive mound of his packed in perfectly form-fitting shiny white briefs. Shiny white patent leather boots with black soles and black wrist tape finish off a very carefully crafted and very classic pro look. When Aryx arrives sporting his own trademark yellow and black gear, featuring some incredibly well packed trunks, a mouth-watering pose off instantly ensues as the ring warriors compare and contrast their godlike forms. Aryx always has something up his proverbial sleeve. He always comes equipped with some well-selected quips as well as some unexpected challenge, and this time is no exception.

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Massive ripped quads crush the neck & head of the bulging, brash heel

Aryx about to plant his ass in Josh's back with this brutal full Boston

Joshua Goodman - 5'10, 180 lbs

Perfect pecs gets pulled apart: Aryx wrenches & rolls Mr. J's shoulders back in a sitting surfboard

Cross leg lock sub

Arrogant reverse schoolboy pin

Josh tries to escape the hangman - will he succeed when so many others have succumbed?

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