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  Joshua Goodman vs. Aryx Quinn

Big bulging muscle boy tortured

Aryx Quinn splattered face-first into the mat courtesy of Mr J's pedigree

Sexy flexing over suffering Aryx: Two big battle bulges on display

Aryx folded and neatly pressed as Mr. J counts him out AND demands his total submission

Check out THESE guns! The look of a pissed off heel ready to finish off his wounded foe

RING HUNKS 1: Achilles and Hector

Biceps, triceps, quads, delts, abs! What could possibly lure these two mirror-obsessed stunners away from their admittedly mesmerizing posing competition? And the answer is a bulge bashing low blow from Aryx! No surprise there, really - Aryx is nothing if not the master of the cheap shot! But Mr. Joshua's not exactly a pushover, and he's not afraid to bend the rules himself! Both have taken beatings and bounced back to claim victory when all was said and done. Wrestling, especially the BG East variety is always about opportunity - and soon enough that opening for a payback presents itself! Mr. Joshua is not one to pass up a chance to dish out some punishment! "Tough guy" Aryx Quinn screams in agony as Mr. Joshua applies pressure to a body scissors, every tendon and muscle fiber in his exquisitely sculpted quads flexing as he tries to crack some Aryx ribs!

It is an Olympian struggle, one that in ancient times would have been preserved in epic poetry and remembered through the ages. Blow vs. blow, ego vs. ego, body against body, cheap shots and low blows mixed in with perfectly executed holds and moves, a master class not just in ring wrestling, but also in domination and control - not to mention opponent taunting - both of these experienced BG East superstars are masters of it all! The symmetry of the bodies, Mr. Joshua's ever so slight weight advantage, the speed with which the wiry Quinn can move and recover - this is the stuff of wrestling sexual fantasy, yet at the same time it surpasses and exceeds even the wildest of imaginations!

And just when you think it can't get any wilder, just when you think it can't get any rougher, just when you think that surely one of these hot hunks cannot possibly endure any more of the relentless torture and beatings being viciously dealt out by the other - there is suddenly yet another turn in the convoluted and gripping story being written here, in sweat and sinew and muscle and testosterone - with an overt subtext of two big bulging manhoods and massive egos put squarely on the line.

This is a match to be watched over and over again, replayed and rewound, absorbed in it whole and studied and savored in frame after freeze-frame, full of classic moments as two of the greatest BG East wrestlers of all time refuse to be beaten, refuse to surrender, and refuse to bow down at the boots of the other. It is the match by which many future matches will be measured. Destined to be a nominee for 2013 Ring Match of the Year.

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Another head scissors has Aryx bulging big and ready to submit

Josh Goodman in serious trouble: Holding his massive punished pouch while Aryx taunts him from above

With a handful of hair and a trapezius claw, Quinn talks trash to a suffering Mr. J

Low blow, the great equalizer: Mr J's muscle freezes in place as shock consumes his face

Bulge battle payback: Josh puts the boot to Quinn's balls

Aryx goes limp: Mr. J's intense face-to-butt head scissors smothers the cocky big mouth

Locking on a tight sleeper hold. If Mr. J gets KO'ed who knows what Aryx will do to him...

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