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  Chace LaChance vs. Braden Charron*  

Braden Charron - 5'8, 185 lbs

Big bicep arm wrestling challenge. Both look phenomenally ripped, but which ultra-hunk is stronger?

Posing trunks: Rib breaking reverse bearhug on the hardbodied hunk

Muscle butt bearhug. Incredible power crushing the big body of bubble butted Chace

Muscle, wrestling, manhood in hand: Ripped muscle stud takes things into his own hands, rubs one out


(This Summer Sizzlers match is a bonus match available only when you buy all 4 products that are part of the Summer Sizzlers 4+ set of Ring Hunks 1, Wrestleshack 17, Knock Outs 2, and Tag Team Torture 16: Boyfriend Beatdown for one low price. All 5 products will come on a two DVD set in one case.)

Braden Charron and Chace LaChance know they turn heads when they walk on the beach. And you know what? It doesn't bother them at all that that fact may cause you to feel, well, a wee bit inferior. They don't even think about it. While you came up with the best excuses in the world why you couldn't, they did the hard work it takes to transform themselves into the muscle gods they are today. Your envious disapproval does not faze them - not in the least. You think they're nothing but muscle? Well, hey, what are you nothing but? Stack their four hours in a gym a day against your twenty pushups before bedtime, and then complain that it's unfair these guys (and guys like them) live on a higher plane than you do. Grow up, and grow a pair. Or something like that.

Right now, Braden and Chace have bigger issues to deal with: each other. Braden heard a rumor that Chace was beginning to take bodybuilding seriously, with a physique contest scheduled in two weeks. Modestly Chace admits he's not as big as Braden, and Braden tells him, "Well, you got to start somewhere." In the ring Braden shows him some quarter turns, drawing from his ten years or so of experience in bodybuilding. Physique contests are different, requiring less by way of posing, but Braden tells Chace he's got the potential to be a classic bodybuilder "if the physique thing doesn't work out for you." Chace says he's stronger than a lot of guys with bigger muscle and suggests a friendly wrestling match to test his "power" against Braden's "size." Yes, please, boys, yes, PLEASE!

It's a struggle, but Chace bests Braden at arm wrestling. "I don't know, man. You're strong, but the power's here," he says, popping his competition-ready biceps. Braden claims the barstool they used as a base felt a little unsteady to him on the matted surface of the ring, interfering with his concentration. Chace claims he's just making excuses. The guys belly down to the mat for a second round. When it looks like Chace again might have the upper hand, Braden pulls a classic heel move and rakes his fingers across Chace's eyes "Fuck this arm wrestling shit," he growls as he drives his foot to the small of his hunk opponent's back. "This is not an arm-wrestling ring. This is a fucking wrestling ring!"

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Chace LaChance vs. Braden Charron*
45 minutes
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