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  Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Steven Ponce*

The two studs, equal in height, mismatched in muscle, size each other up across the mat

Crossface chickenwing looks like it's causing more pleasure than pain

Punishment morphs into passion: Loving languorous Latin liplock

The air crackles with electricity as their eyes lock - and Jake adapts his guillotine to a leg split

Lust in the raw, victory in the balance: Jake threatened by a sensuous, seductive, salacious bearhug

Two Luscious Latins, Cocked and Loaded

The plan, as it is negotiated, laid out and agreed to, is to progress from slinky, revealing, formfitting singlets to sexy, silky bulge-batttling briefs which leave nothing to the imagination to, finally, naked flesh, save their long, color-coordinated socks. The final incarnation will feature the fighters' unsheathed weapons in a flesh to flesh boner battle, prodding and whipping each other in stiff, if not especially gentlemanly, competition.

Steven wants to schoolboy-pin Jake as often and for as long as possible. This simple hold is the earliest, most elementary type of male-on-male domination, common to playgrounds, barracks, and boarding-school dorms (hence its name). Steven straddles Jake's waist and presses the man's wrists to the mat. Jake arches his back and thrusts his crotch up to Steven's. Steven, in turn, bends his head down to press his lips to the smooth skin at the edge of Jake's right pec. By now you perhaps have noticed that this is definitely not NCAA rules. Clearly, the operative objective here is to arouse as well as abuse!

While Steven seeks to contain and control his opponent by pressing down on him like a paperweight, budding sadist Jake (aka Lorenzo) Lowe wants to hear his opponent moan in pain. He ties Steven into knots, applying a delicious guillotine, twisting and stretching him every which way, and subsequently forces him to submit, while at the same time fondling, kissing, and thrusting himself against every square inch of the ginger-haired man's sexy hairy body. As Steven writhes, Jake pulls him back, saying, "I ain't through." The ab-stretching guillotine morphs into a crotch-ripping banana split, with Steven's briefs wedged his round butt cheeks and his huge mound in high relief!

At one point when Steven is mounting him yet again, Jake scissors the man's arms to his waist between surprisingly powerful thighs. He takes Steven's head in his hands, pulls it to his lips to kiss, squeezes the midsection a little tighter to force a groan out, and then offers him his bicep to worship and nibble on. At last Jake submits Steven to a kinky variation of the "small package," and never has the hold seemed so ludicrously misnamed.

From beginning to end, Jake and Steven draw irresistibly into each other. Their moves seem plotted both to gain an advantage and to keep the fires of lust stoked. In the end they clutch their stiff cocks together, pumping furiously while still demanding a submission ... along with a shuddering emission ... before taking the contest to a whole new level.

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Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Steven Ponce*
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As the bout moves toward a blisteringly hot conclusion, Steven takes a moment to admire Jake's sock

Jake switches his guillotine to a banana split: A screaming submission from the ginger is inevitable

A tight figure four head scissors has the hung hunk in dire straits, in danger of being knocked out

Hot Latins all stretched out lean and long with a tight bodyscissor

Head-to-head, boned up rods straining for attention, tenting spandex and wry smiles all around

Ultimate guillotine submission / pin: Jake cranks Steven's neck to own his lips & cradles his crotch

Both bulging big: Steven stands tall as a conqueror, Jake kneels, worships at the throbbing altar

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