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  Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Steven Ponce*  

Jake Lowe - 5'5, 135 lbs

A game of chicken...played with commanding feet on hard cocks

Bulges battle as Jake attempts to squeeze out a submission from his newbie opponent

The smaller guy bulging big as his thighs trap and destroy his heavier muscled challenger

One fighter has been stripped: A nude bubble-butted Jake locks lips - and boners - with Steven Ponce

Bulge Battle! Dog Eat Dog; or, Boner Meet Boner!!

On the question of the homoeroticism of wrestling, BG East holds nothing back, and is proud and unabashed. Whether in the gazebo or in motel rooms, in the squared circle or on the mats, BGE wrestlers have blurred the line between sport and seduction. Previous numbers of the X-Fights series have portrayed both sexual and athletic conquests, synthesizing a new genre of adult entertainment and manly contact sport. Fearless innovators like The Brooklyn Bodywrecker, 'Kids' Leopard and Vicious, Wade Cutler, Dick the Prick, Sean Patrick, Jarret Cole and Gabriel Ross, among others, paved the way.

Along with the Raunchy Rookies, Motel Madness, Ruff 'n' Raunchy, Wrestleshack, Sexy Showdown and the Undagear series, The X-Fights have captured the imaginations of fans of gay wrestling worldwide and as always challenges our wrestlers to probe the well-documented links between male competitiveness and the sex's well-established propensity for horndoggery. The series explores and illuminates the often thin line between aggression and attraction, often seamlessly melding the two and bringing to life the fantasies of so many men inspired, attracted and aroused by male versus male wrestling.

Jake is the latest stunning young BG East superstar to make his mark in the genre. His match with the inimitable sexpot Gabriel Ross on Wrestleshack 16 has already been lauded on various fan groups as the frontrunner for the title of Sexiest Match of the Year. And as soon as he laid eyes on newcomer, Puerto Rican ginger Steven Ponce, the night's bunking arrangement was settled, all except for the question of who'd be top. All day long, these guys were drilling holes into each other with their eyes. Why not make a contest of it!

Jake and Steven decide to (of course) wrestle to determine which one of them will play the alpha male. And what a way to get their paws all over each other too! Both are about even in height, with Steven having a slight but noticeable edge in brawn. Jake has more wrestling experience, and his lean body, decidedly more defined than the last time we saw him, is considerably more nimble than his opponent's. Seems young Jake is on a strict training program of wrestling, weights and yoga devised and supervised by The Boss himself! The bigger and older Steven apparently is no rookie when it comes erotic domination and he is doggedly set on overpowering Jake and bending him to his will. The untamable, wily and smokingly seductive Jake, however, has ideas of his own.

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Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe vs. Steven Ponce*
46 minutes

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A sexy, bulging, crotch-ripping banana split stretches the wedgied newbie to his limits

Pleasure and pain all rolled up in one dominant boner cock clutch

Steven Ponce - 5'6, 150 lbs

A guillotine garners Jake more than just a submission: A lip lock has the hairy chested Steven stuck

Things start to heat up fast! Singlet straps down, Steven worships his foe's flexed bicep

Rookie latino Steven has Jake rolled and pressed - with a massive mound threatening to smother him

Steven humps Jake's hot butt crack: His kneeling full nelson wilts the yellow-trunked stud

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