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  Marco Carlow vs. Jake Jenkins

Jake Jenkins - 5'7, 155 lbs

Marco strips Jake of his boxer briefs revealing a hot jockstrap underneath. Hey, who can blame him!

An expertly applied figure four head scissors brings the big man down where Jake wants him

Marco's back is in agony as Jake quickly pulls him deep into a spine-bending camel clutch

Jake shows his strength as he lifts the suffering big dude into a devastating torture rack

Muscle Bound Babyface Face-Off

Remember devastatingly beautiful Marco Carlow? We know you do. Because although this stunningly hot muscle stud debuted with BG East over two years ago, we continue to get a steady stream of inquiries asking us to bring the hardbodied beauty back. The shockingly brutal drubbing he took from mammoth, 220 pound Dev Michaels apparently made lovely Marco think twice about putting his gorgeous ass back into action, but he's nothing if not a devoted crowd pleaser. Promising that we'd toss him an opponent considerably lighter and prettier this time around, the bulging, babyface beauty agreed to come back.

Of course, we didn't tell Marco that said opponent would be the fitness model, former state high school wrestling champ, and BG East force of nature named Jake Jenkins. Voted the top BG East babyface of 2012, Jake cannot help himself but inspire awe and admiration. He makes dominating an opponent look so effortless. And SO good! Perpetually ripped and constantly training, Jake brings an intensity and a love of the sport that thrills BG East fans devoted to top quality wrestling. His gorgeous good looks and hot muscled body which always ends up dripping with sweat are quite the thrill, as well!

"What's going on?" Marco rumbles in his deep bass voice, sizing up his competition as he strolls confidently onto the mats. "You're about to find out," cocky Jake smirks back at him. They're both built out of brick, but Marco's massive arms, shoulders, pecs and tree trunk thighs are unquestionably bigger than hot bodied Jake's. Marco flexes his gargantuan biceps, calling out his smaller opponent. Matman Jake just rolls his eyes, bounces his own not-insubstantial pecs and dismisses the muscleman's obvious size advantage.

If Marco thought he was about to take a cakewalk over Jake, he's quickly disabused of the notion. The expert tactician drops the big man to his back with a single leg take down before transitioning with silky smoothness into an ankle lock, working the mighty muscle man's most vulnerable joints. Taking big Marco down and keeping him down are two entirely different things, however. One powerful flex of his steel-encased muscles and Marco pops free. And so now the challenge is met: Power versus Speed.

"What's up man?" the stunned hunk stammers as he shakes out his suddenly vulnerable ankles, the big stud just the latest in the string of opponents shocked by Jake's speed and intensity. "You trying to fuck with me or what? You think you're quick, huh?"

Flexing his own ample biceps, "You're about to find out," Jake replies with icy confidence.

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Marco Carlow vs. Jake Jenkins
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Bods, butts, and bulges all on magnificent display as Jake punishes Marco in another inventive hold

Marco grabs at his crotch as his legs are split wide apart in Jake's crotch-ripping banana split

Marco Carlow - 5'6, 175 lbs

Whether he's as massively skilled as he is muscular, everyone suffers in Marco's crushing bearhug

Jake slumped over Marco's shoulder as the muscleman squeezes and shakes a submission out of him

Jake shows off his fight skills, pounding away on the big man's pecs like a punching bag

The big man on his knees with no defense against Jake's relentless assault on his muscled body

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