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  Jake Ryder vs. Trey Dixon*

Jake Ryder - 6', 175 lbs

Trey in trouble as tough guy Ryder escapes his triangle choke and goees for his own submission

Ryder with a familiar smirk as his figure 4 chokes Trey courtesy of some powerful thighs

With Trey trapped and buried between his legs Ryder decides to examine Trey's tantalizing tush

Trapped by powerful legs, Trey's speedo is too tempting a target for Ryder's insatiable curiosity

Punishment and Passion: Off the Singlets and Up the Ante!

Not every wrestler is willing to fight for stakes. In any match your pride is already on the line, and while it's one thing to look your opponent in the eye and tell them "I won't lose," it takes a truly confident wrestler to actually believe it themselves. Both these men, however, are willing to put not just their pride, but their gear - and more - on the line as well. Jake and Trey have traveled all the way across the country for this match, so neither one is backing down from the challenge. Knowing the loser will be left not only beaten, but stripped and bare on the mat, the two fighters walk in wearing their prized singlets.

The attraction is instantaneous and palpable. These boys can't keep their hands off each other, and who can blame them? It's a match for which they - and many others - have been anxiously waiting! In addition to the months long build-up of email, texts, phone calls and facebook threats and challenges leading to this day, the two combatants have exchanged selfie photos almost daily to show off their accelerated muscular development - among other assets! They're long, lean, hot and oh-so-ripe 'n' ready for this encounter.

Barely inside the door and Jake snaps Trey's singlet against his skin. "I'm gonna like owning this," he smirks, already confident of victory. "We'll see about that," Trey says, not backing down for an instant. So serious as he sizes up his opponent, Trey can't help liking what he sees. Jake, meanwhile, can't stop grinning, practically licking his lips as he not only looks Trey over, but runs his hands up and down the sexy singlet.

Both men can't resist touching and feeling what the other has to offer. The fabric of the singlets each one stands to lose in this match; the hard, muscled bodies that will be laid bare before long; and of course the ample packages neither garment could hope to hide. As taunts and promises give way to poses and intimidation, finally they decide to get down to the business at hand. Both men ready to lock up, and Jake's still smiling. Is ripped newcomer Trey Dixon in way over his head or is Jake Ryder in for a big ass surprise?

Trey may have the muscle and determination to make a great wrestler, but Ryder's extensive experience and considerable skill still can't be denied as he controls the rookie Trey early in the match. Every attempt at escape or resistance just gives Jake Ryder another chance to tie up his opponent and smile at his own clever handiwork. More than once the cocky Ryder reclines as Trey suffers between his legs, taking advantage of the opportunity to give some of Trey's more tender areas some not-so-tender treatment.

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Jake Ryder vs. Trey Dixon*
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Trey's tormentor turns tender granting his exquisite plaything a brief respite from his mat thrashin

Both stripped, the action heats up!

Trey Dixon - 5'10, 155 lbs

Smug Ryder traps Treys head between his thighs and then applies the infamous 'butt drag' on his ass

Headscissored Trey is helpless to stop Ryder from having his way with those tempting nipples

With both arms securely trapped, Trey succumbs to even more of cocky the Ryder's tit torture

Trey's on top! He's not letting this payback chance slip by, leaving some handprints on Ryder's butt

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