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  Joe Robbins vs. Eddy Rey

Eddy returns the favor squeezing Joe in his own long but powerful thighs

Lifting the fighting stud into the air, Joe squeezes the life out of the bouncing Brazilian

Glistening with sweat from the forced and unexpected workout, Joe takes his frustrations out on Rey

Eddy tries to resist the bigger superstud who throttles him with a big hand

"Oh, we're not done," Joe pulls Eddy up for more punishing holds

Slam City! Making a Muscleman Sing

Nothing short of brutally driving Eddy's back into the turnbuckle is sufficient to dislodge the stunningly tenacious stud off of The Mighty Joe. And nothing short of payback will satisfy furious Joe, unaccustomed as he is to being threatened so early in a match. Joe quickly cinches on a brutal full nelson of his own. Payback! He forces Eddy to watch himself being dominated in the mirror, and Eddy faces his most dangerous foe: the sight of his own alluring, glistening, bronzed, gorgeous body stretched out so beautifully in front of him.

With two fiercely strong power hitters like these, it should come as no surprise that this match features one power move after another. Body slams, clotheslines, and trampling tenderize A1A prime beef relentlessly. It's ring-perfect action that you expect and hope from the squared circle and these superstuds deliver it in spades. Multiple over-the-knee backbreakers exquisitely display the super sexy juxtaposition of total vulnerability and total control. Rib-crushing bodyscissors pit crushing quads against one another, as sweat-soaked bodies bridge and writhe in gorgeous agony. Surely and steadily, one of these voracious hunks starts to build crushing momentum like a landslide, burying his opponent beneath one high impact move after another. It's a delicious display of domination.

"Why do you keep crawling away!?" the shockingly dominant hunk taunts as his opponent tries to pry himself off the mat. "You're looking pretty fuckin' pathetic. I thought you said you could hang with me!" Hang he does, brutalized in the ropes, draped over his opponent's knee, and abruptly and stunningly clean and jerked then power-pressed directly overhead before being slammed face-first into the mat. No quarter is given. There's not a moment of rest allowed as the hunkbasher instantly hoists the stunned muscle man up across his shoulders in a spine-snapping, basket-bulging torture rack, making the astonished hunk sing out his shocked submission over and over again.

Eddy's massive package quivers in his tantalizingly low-cut briefs. Mighty Joe's trunks slide down his ass. This is a feast for fans of muscleman domination and muscleman submission. Battered and bruised, one powerful hunk is hoisted across his opponent's shoulder in a fireman's carry, only to be paraded humiliatingly around the ring and slammed back to the mat once more. A musclestud torpedo launches himself off the turnbuckle to bomb his powerful, pumped body again and again into his withering opponent. Bearhugs and choke slams pound every ounce of fight out of a once-powerful hunk. The combination of shocking power moves and stunningly sexy submission holds makes this match an ideal feast of pro delights. Brutalized as never before, the vanquished muscleman can do nothing but writhe at the feet of his conqueror as the winner soaks in the beauty of his gorgeous body flexing and posing over his fallen prey.

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Joe Robbins vs. Eddy Rey
26 minutes

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Joe throws his full weight into the crushing vise his legs are making around Rey's waist

Sexy head scissors shows off both these hunks as Rey struggles in pain

Joe torques the superstud's neck and shows him how a nelson is DONE!

Easily hoisting his opponent, big Joe works over his increasingly desperate challenger

"Submit!" Joe demands as Eddy hangs on in humiliating agony

Rey on display! Trapped and turned for a view of his own suffering sinews

Grinding his big boot into his opponent's breadbasket, Joe emphasizes who's boss!

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