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  Joah Bindao vs. Damien Rush

A snarling Joah perched atop a downed Damien, wrapping his claw around his windpipe

A clean gasp of air hard to come by for the boy who has it all, trapped in a tight full nelson

The hairy musclestud's abdominals stretched out as the limber Joah cranks his neck and shoulder

The hairy, rich musclestud can taste victory as his biceps compress around the dancer's ribcage

Damien suffers beautifully as Joah cinches a figure four headscissor in an effort to shut him down

"Now Let's See You Take Me!"

Damien interrupts his vigorous warmup routine to check his haircut in the mirror. Watching himself as he runs in place, he smiles, full of exuberant self-confidence and delighted by the sexy bounce of his pecs against the straps of his USA singlet. When Joah steps on the mat, Damien objects to the man's cherry-red vinyl trunks because, he argues, it is he who should be the flashiest thing on the BGE compound. He commands the unruffled Joah to strip off the shiny trunks or else he'll tear them off for him.

In his usual easygoing and quietly amused manner, Joah ignores the threat and starts the wrestling match he's being paid for. At first, Damien has no problem controlling the muscular but diminutive Joah. His height, weight, youth, and hairy muscle provide distinct advantages. Trapping Joah in a headlock, he keeps his word, peeling the trunks down Joah's legs, revealing an impressively bulging pair of briefs in matching red.

Then Joah pulls a nimble reversal, ties the American into a tight pretzel knot, rolls him around the mat for a while, and then lets him go. Damien clambers to his feet, breathing heavily, winded from the 80-mph workout Joah is giving him. He blames his tight singlet for hampering his moves, as if Joah's speed and unexpected strength have nothing to do with it. He peels the straps down and barks, "Now let's see you take me!"

Neither wrestler maintains an advantage for long. Joah is too fast and limber for Damien to grab hold of. Damien is too massive and strong for Joah to contain. But as the match progresses, Joah finds more opportunities to catch his bigger opponent off-guard and use his weight and muscle against him. We see more of Joah's acrobatic style of wrestling, which is an obvious source of frustration for Damien, and in a humiliating pinfall, Joah frees him of the rest of his encumbering singlet.

As the action escalates, the difference between these wrestlers becomes more apparent. Damien's temper rises, and at one point the American flat-out refuses to pin Joah because he would rather punish him with a rear naked choke and thus prove he is "the bigger, better man." Joah remains relatively cool, with hardly a hint of exhaustion, but Damien's fits of fury make the man harder to take down and harder to escape.

This much we can tell you: This battle won't end till one of the fighters is choked out cold. It's an all-out collision between two distinct ideas about athletic competition, featuring two BG East wrestlers whose fight styles are never less than electrifying.

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Joah Bindao vs. Damien Rush
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A high arch shows off the mouthy stud's swelling pouch as he feels Joah's powerful headscissors

Scissors abound as Joah utilizes his powerful legs to full advantage, crushing the core of Rush

Damien struggles to keep his feet while simultaneously battling against a suspended headscissor

Damien pushes up, fighting valiantly to escape the scissors that have laid claim to his throat

Joah ensuring that Damien can no longer use a "wardrobe malfunction" to excuse his lack of advantage

Joah snags a beaten and bare-assed muscleboy off of the sweat-soaked mats by his hair

With bulges front and center, Damien cranks the rear naked choke determined to put Joah down

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