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  Mitch Colby vs. Christopher Bruce

Mitch Colby - 6'2, 206 lbs.

Mitch appears intent on collapsing Bruce's ribcage while showing off his beautiful, muscular legs

Bruce gives Mitch a taste of his own medicine, snaring his skull between his own impressive quads

Bruce employs Mitch's barely there singlet as a leash to pry his veteran opponent up off the mat

Mitch sits atop his fallen opponent, using his weight advantage to keep his schoolboy pin perch

Veterans' Day

With all the newcomers crowding the wrestling game, clamoring for attention and respect, every so often it's refreshing to see a couple of ruggedly good-looking veterans take to the mat to bust some bones together. Mitch Colby and Chris Bruce have been around the block. What they haven't seen already is probably not worth seeing.

Mitch comes to Undagear 21 with eighteen previous BGE matches, facing big, small, skinny, pumped, young, old, you name him, he's met him and he'll knock his block off! Chris has been around even a bit longer, with twenty bouts under his belt, including some butt-baring battles and a legendary feud with Boston bad boy Mikey Vee.

These guys have settled in, but they are far from settling down. Hot muscle daddies like these two hot, handsome studs have proven to only ripen with age, and now we are throwing them together to see which one kicks butt harder. This would be a top fantasymen matchup for most wrestling fans, but at BG East it gets real. So very real.

Here's the setup: Pissed off because some punk kid no-shows for a scheduled match, Chris takes an angry chop at the wall and leaves the mat room for the weight machines. There he finds Mitch working out. Mitch overhears Chris muttering under his breath and asks what's up. "Can't depend on anybody nowadays," Chris complains. He explains the situation, and Mitch is sympathetic: "That pretty much sucks, dude." Kids these days!

Fortunately, Mitch has a solution. How about a throwdown between the two of them, a couple of dependable veterans with some time on their hands? Might be fun. Might be hot. At the very least, it might be good for cooling off Chris's currently red-hot temper! And it's a good workout for the both of them. The size difference doesn't matter. Wrestling is all that matters. What could be more on the up-and-up than a friendly tussle between two experienced warhorses like these two, right? But this is BG East Wrestling, folks, and you can bet your ass nothing's ever going down as nice and easy as that! Oh hell no!

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Mitch Colby vs. Christopher Bruce
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Undagear 21 Arena Galleries

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Bruce wrests control of the battle away from big, muscled Mitch, trapping him in a tight full-nelson

Bruce has nowhere to go as he's locked down, folded nearly in half in Mitch's roll-up schoolboy pin

Chris Bruce - 5'8, 185 lbs.

Bruce fights desperately against the insurmountable vice-grip of Mitch's massively muscled quads

A mountain of sweaty, veteran, wrestler muscle, Mitch sits astride Bruce displaying his peaks

Cheek-to-cheek: Composed, controlling Mitch leans back, muscled legs bulging beautifully in a boston

Mitch's ass framed in a red jock as his bearhug squashes a cry of agony from Bruce's lungs

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