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  Mitch Colby vs. Christopher Bruce

Gleeful grins stretch across both veteran wrestlers' faces as they begin to square off on the mats

Both men's sweat slicked bodies grapple for control as Bruce clings tightly, setting up a guillotine

Bruce takes an opening, throwing a sucker punch into the pit of mighty, muscled Mitch's midsection

Mitch helps a battered, beaten Bruce slip into something a little more comfortable

Bruce struggles helplessly, his body proving unable to hold up in Mitch's ribcage crushing bearhug

Glutton for Punishment

Mitch and Chris, wearing singlets now, square off in the mat room. They lock up, and soon Chris is stuck in one of Mitch's famous scissorholds. They're like vises, those holds. Even Chris's impressively thick muscle trembles under the pressure of Mitch's strong thighs clamping his waist. With great determination, Chris clambers to his feet, but Mitch doesn't let up, adding a headlock to the scissors. Trembling, Chris is forced to submit.

Chris tries to play the good sport, but you can tell that inside he's seething. He's still sore at the punk kid for not showing up. Now he's sore at Mitch for flaunting his height and muscle advantage, playing the big nice guy on top of it all. What's more, he wants this win - badly. In a snap, Mitch has him in another scissors, then another, this time on the head. "You're a glutton for these!" Mitch gloats, with a good-natured chuckle. Chris's eyes shoot sparks. Ha the fucking ha, asshole. When, with great effort, Chris disentangles himself from yet another scissorhold, Mitch calls him "lucky." Chris winces at the word.

The mat room is a steamy, sweaty hothouse now. The wrestlers lower their straps to fight bare-chested. "Out of breath?" Chris asks. "Not as much as you are," Mitch replies with a grin. "Never said I wasn't," Chris tries to explain, barely able to cough up the words, "us ... 'veterans,' you know." The two fight on with a glint in their eyes.

"You look like you might be getting a little upset there," Mitch observes at one point. He has NO idea. The two brawny bodies shimmer in sweat. Mitch strikes a muscle pose, rolling his biceps up into solid balls the size of grapefruits. Suddenly, Chris snaps, goes ballistic, slamming his balled-up fists into Mitch's midsection. Shit is getting extra real now as Christopher Bruce, "fuckin' pissed now," starts choking big Mitch Colby.

A brutal volley of gut punches, then Chris strips off Mitch's singlet and starts choking the man with it. Mitch fights back, and one thing we all know about Mitch is that the man fights fire with fire: "Like to play dirty? I can play dirty too."

Better buckle up, because this ride's getting crazy fast. Mitch rips Chris's singlet off and starts feeding it to him for lunch. And hairier things are yet to come, in an all-out sweat-grunt-and-groan brawl that climaxes (amazingly!) with a bearhug competing against a chokehold to determine the ultimate winner. If only one finisher stretches your zipper this year, it will more than likely be this one, and it's only here for you at BG East.

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Mitch Colby vs. Christopher Bruce
37 minutes

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Mitch bears down, digging his fists into Bruce's lower back as he sags forward, wilting in the hold

Both bare-butt brawlers battle on their knees as Bruce traps the big boy in a front sleeper

Mitch Colby flexes his considerable muscle mass to the max, using his weight to secure the bullypin

A pause in the action as both seasoned stud's flex for each other's, and their own, admiration

Bruce protests, fighting the inevitable as he's set up to be powered over into a boston

Bruce manages to wear his bigger opponent down as he traps him in a seated roll-up pin

Mitch offers Bruce a helping hand to get better acquainted with his conqueror's sheer swelling bulge

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