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  Cameron Matthews vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe  

Cameron Matthews - 5'10, 150 lbs

A size advantage comes into play as Cam shows off lean Jake Lowe's body in the matroom mirror

Cam cranks hard on suffering Jake in a torturous camel clutch

What he lacks in size, he makes up for in skill: Jake gets Cam folded up in a matchbook pin

Cam wedgies an exhausted Jake as he drags him towards what he hopes will be a winning submission

The Prodigy and the Protege

Best Mat Battle, Best 2014 Overall Match
What would wrestling be without submissions? While not technically the only way to win, can there be a better way to demonstrate the dominance of one man's power and skill over another? The futility of struggling when trapped and helpless; the suffering as one's body is twisted, contorted, or crushed; the humiliation of being forced to admit your defeat and surrender to your opponent's supremacy, now THAT is a submission.

A wrestler who masters the means to so completely dominate and destroy another man's body and ego is as dangerous as he can be enthralling. Trapped in a superior foe's clutches, some wrestlers may even come to admire and even crave the way in which they are tormented by the man they challenged, the man they must now submit to.

Both wrestlers bring impressive arsenals to the mat. A stalwart, dominant and ubiquitous figure on the underground wrestling scene as well as the rings of indy pro wrestling, Cameron Mathews needs little introduction. Years of training and hard-fought, hard-won experience has honed his body and mind into an impressive display of muscle and skill, this babyface-turned-musclestud commands respect at a glance.

Jake (Lorenzo) Lowe may not be bringing the same experience to this match, but the lithe, young fighter has received special tutelage under the infamous Kid Leopard himself, and this fast learner has proven the results of his training in more than one prior match. With a taste for devastating leg splits and the irresistibly provocative kiss of death sleeper, to name a few, Lowe has made bigger men crumble before him.

From the moment the match begins we see the intensity between these wrestlers as they lock eyes before even locking up. Cameron has the size, the muscle, the skill, and the experience to make little Lowe submit as many times as it takes to satisfy himself, even the look in his eyes as he stares down Lorenzo feels like it should earn its own submission. There may be a hint of uncertainty in his face, he'd be crazy to think this would be an easy fight after all, but Lowe doesn't back down, instead just keeping that seductive gaze locked on Cameron, until the instant both men move to lock up.

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Cameron Matthews vs. Lorenzo 'Jake' Lowe
30 minutes
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Jake has bigger Cameron tied up in a unique nelson/stump puller combo submission hold

Jake's submission du jour: Cameron gets rolled, folded and pinned in a another punishing banana spli

Jake Lowe - 5'5, 135 lbs

Jake trapped up close and personal with Cam's award-nominated ass in a 69 headscissor

All the yoga in the world can't save Jake from Cameron's high drawbridge submission hold

Musclestud Cameron traps a gasping Jake in a front figure four headscissors

Adding insult to injury: Cameron crossfaces Jake with his own arm, lifting him into a torture rack

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