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  Ty Alexander vs. Drake Marcos*

Ty dons Drake's briefs then mounts his bulge and submits him to some erotic nipple torture

Drake takes it to Ty with a standing head scissors and shoulder wrenching double arm bar

Ty's in trouble: With his briefs peeled and butt exposed, he's on the threshold of submission's door

Pin or submission? Drake in double jeopardy: Ty's humiliating reverse folding press & double arm bar

Drake succumbs to Ty's ministrations: Some seriously sexy manhandling makes Marcos melt

BABYFACE BRAWL X!: Mat Room to Bed Room: Hard Feelings, Harder Cocks

Drake is none too pleased to discover that, not only has Ty stolen his gear, but the cocky babyface has the gall to be wearing them when he appears for their match. "That's mine! I told you I was going to wear that!" he rages as Ty shrugs innocently, swearing that he didn't steal them. "Well, I'm just going to have to take them back," Drake promises, slipping into a sexy pair of pink and white briefs. "You can try!" Ty smirks back at him.

Drake's furious opening attack cannot be described as a "try." With total command, he puts Ty on his back and into serious jeopardy within seconds. Channeling his mentor's singular focus and brutal lust for making an opponent scream, Drake applies multiple holds simultaneously to devastating effect. He seems to swallow his opponent whole with a combination body-scissors, armbar, and rear-naked choke that sucks the air right out of the brazen rookie. "Didn't your mother teach you never to steal?" Drake sneers, milking one of countless submissions out of the overwhelmed babyface.

The tussle turns even more ferocious when Drake attempts to forcibly reclaim his gear. With his prized bounty suddenly at risk of repatriation, adorable Ty snaps back with a vengeance, wringing stunned submissions of his own out of the upperclassman with sleeper holds and muscle-ripping pec claws. "Try to take MY gear?! I don't think so!" Ty roars, smothering him in a face-to-crotch headscissors that leaves Drake gasping for air.

The more brutal the babyface battle grows, the bigger both boys bulge in their briefs. One jobber sees his hopes to claim his first victory slowly fade as both sets of trunks are stripped and shoved down his throat. Sleeper holds drag the wasted stud into unconsciousness, only to be roused repeatedly with hungry liplocks and loud, smack-cracking butt slaps. A cock-sucking schoolboy pin signals which battered babyface remains among the ranks of the jobbers. "It's a little hot in here," the first-time victor murmurs as he drags his vanquished opponent from the mat room by his hard cock...

You don't know how many times that we hear BG East fans lament that they can't follow the wrestlers behind the scenes after such blazingly hot action as this. Well, this time, you will! This erotic combat continues to melt into full on passion as Drake and Ty continue to tussle in bed while Sexy Showdown 5 plays on the big screen for ambiance and inspiration. Chokes and strokes drive both studs harder and harder as they tease and coax one another to an explosive finish line. With the passionate embraces and liplockingly hungry making out, you might even think that all is forgiven, with the score settled decisively on the mat. But you'd be wrong, as one last, furious cum-soaked slap to the face demonstrates. This is the paradigmatic story of erotic wrestling told whole-cloth, from playful start to satisfying, humiliating, jizz-slap finish!

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Some matches on this product contain nudity! (*)
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Ty zeroes in on Drake's vulnerability, torturing his nipples, eliciting cries of both pain & arousal

Drake losing control as the action moves to the bedroom and Ty tongues his fellow babyface grappler

Ty tries to punch his way out of a particularly punishing submission predicament

Drake arches back screaming in agony as Ty spreads him wide with a crotch-ripping spladle

You want to tap or go out? Ty taunts and tortures a clearly struggling and imperiled Drake Marcos

Drake savors a moment of sweet revenge with Ty trapped in the Marcos sleeper/scissors KO combo

Jobber down!: Sweat drips off Drake as he stands over a prostrate and stripped Ty Alexander

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