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  Connor Cross vs. Aidan Calder

Connor Cross- 6', 170 lbs

Powerhouse hunk clamps down on a neck breaking nelson

Aidan restrains his opponent's hands as he tightens his headscissors

Leaning back in a boston, Connor bends his opponent in half

The downed bouncer stares up at his hunky opponent's bulge as he struggles under all that muscle

Who is that Masked Monkey Man?

Connor has been around. From aspiring fitness model to go-go dancer, his smoldering ripped physique has always opened doors. Now the cocky babyface who debuted on BG East's Motel Madness 12 vs street tough Arn, wants to wrestle bigger men, climb to higher heights. He wants to put his stunning physique to the test, sure that his big muscles can withstand any punishment, overcome any opposition. Since his first taste of wrestling, he now wants to be number 1 on the stage, number 1 in the gym and number 1 on the mats.

Just as this go-go dancer and athlete was seeking out a worthy opponent to burnish his growing self-image, he heard from a hot masked wrestler online, one who claimed to be a bouncer at one of the many London dance clubs. Having eyed some of those muscled 'monkey men' (English Jamaican slang for bouncer) during his nights dancing, Connor's eager to discover if this or any bouncer is as badass a fighter as he is a looker. And this one was a looker! With tanned physique and bodybuilder muscles, the hot hunk would not show his identity in his posts. But the rest of his bulging musculature aroused Connor's ego like no other, enough that he planned on destroying this badass masked challenger.

Chatting before their meet up, Aidan emphasized rules and pinning. Not sure whether to take this seriously -- after all he was a bouncer! -- Connor happily agreed to these 'rules.' Whoever gets the most pins wins, but submissions would be allowed along the way. Unbeknownst to him, Aidan was on the prowl for something altogether different. Hoping to repeat the arousing wrestling debut from Motel Madness UK: Sexfight against Rob Chandler, he couldn't wait to grapple down this hot dancer he'd eyed at the clubs. Eager to protect his job and reputation, he would wrestle masked. Connor had "no problem with that, neither."

Connor agrees to meet the mystery man in his favorite hotel-cum-mattress-room. Aidan arrives in a leopard print mask and matching trunks (!) and they eye each other as they stretch their impressive physiques. The reference to BG East's godfather of leopard-print is not lost on newcomer Connor, who has studied his heel-history. Would this guy have a mean streak? To show how unafraid he is, he has worn the requested pair of butt hugging, revealing white bikini trunks.

Connor is wary at first. The tanned muscle stud, well-built to eject unruly patrons, looks even more intimidating up close. "What do you got?" challenges the masked man. If anyone is not easily intimidated, it's deceptively innocent-looking Connor, who quickly dives in, scooping the big man off his feet and throwing him down. Within seconds they are taking turns going for a three-count pin, and each only reaches two before the other muscles out. But true to form, the bouncer's gut punches go from rule-bound to 'the business', and he clamps Connor's head in his muscled thighs and headscissors his erstwhile dancer while punching his gut, until Connor has no choice but to give. This is just the beginning of a furious exchange of pins, gut bashing, and muscle tests, but Connor's swollen ego is already bruised...

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Connor Cross vs. Aidan Calder
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Connor doubled over in pain, gasping for air and vulnerable for more gut bashing

Aiden takes his turn topping Connor: "You're not the only muscle boy here!"

Aidan Calder- 5'6, 155 lbs

The bouncer relentlessly drives his fist into Connor's powerful abs

Breathtaking bearhug: Aidan uses all his strength as he squeezes

Aidan tries to knock the model/stud out with a sleeper hold

Side sleeper/bodyscissor combo: Connor tries to squeeze and sleeper the bald baddy out

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