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  Jake Jenkins vs. Flash LaCash

Flash LaCash 5'11", 200 lbs.

Flash enjoys watching himself contort the athlete in a rear chinlock

Flash digs his elbow into taut obliques during his abstretch

Flash keeps the ropes clamped tight around the trapped jobber's neck

Jake's abs never get a break!

"I'll make you humble!"

Flash LaCash has wrestled just once before for BG East, but he's anything but a rookie. Looking like a beautiful, bronzed circus strongman, the mustachioed muscleman is a seasoned indy pro wrestler who has forgotten more about hurting an opponent than most guys will ever learn. Still, it takes balls to stare across the ring at one of the most prolific and popular wrestlers in the business and smirk, "What, are you one of the new guys around here?"

Jake Jenkins is most definitely not a new guy. Voted the Best Babyface two years running, it's little wonder this barefoot beauty makes BG East fans drool like Pavlov's dog. He's devastatingly handsome and as fantastically fit as ever, packing that hot, athletic ass tightly inside American flag trunks. Jake has proven how dangerous his amateur wrestling and MMA backgrounds make him by bullying opponents much bigger than he is with incredible speed, stunning strength, and astonishing flexibility. But despite an unstoppable string of victories on the mat, success in the ring has eluded our fan favorite Best Babyface, and the one thing standing between him and scoring that first notch in the win column is a ballsy, bronzed powerhouse with a mustache and a bad attitude.

"Well, you look like one of the old guys!" young Jake snaps back, demonstrating he's got balls, too. Staring up at his opponent standing 4 inches taller and 45 pounds heavier, perhaps exercising discretion might have been the better part of valor. But inciting bigger opponents into a fit of rage is straight out of Jake's playbook, as the master tactician remains cold as ice and steady as a rock. Unintimidated. And why should he be? He's faced BG East's meanest ringstars from Jonny Firestorm to Guido Genatto and survived.

Then again, poking big Flash with a stick may be considerably more than Jake bargained for. A savage kick to the gut drops the star-spangled babyface like a sack of potatoes. Hoisted effortlessly up into the pro heel's massive arms, Jake is little more than a practice dummy for Flash to parade around the ring and slam repeatedly to the mat. The sexy strongman sets laser sights on picking apart his smaller opponent, starting with the back.

Trapped in the corner, he softens up Jake's lower lumbar with shoulder blocks and knee strikes. Dragging the handsome young stud around the ring by the back of his trunks, Flash slams Jake's award winning face savagely into the mat before snapping him quickly up into a camel clutch. "I'll make you humble!" the pro heel promises...

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Jake Jenkins vs. Flash LaCash
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A wailing Jake trapped, restrained and hoisted mid-ring in a unique suspended surfboard

Flash checks the mirror as he bends Jake's back over the ropes and tightens a painful chinlock

Jake Jenkins 5'7", 155 lbs.

A picture of agony: Jake is squeezed in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker

Jake thrashes desperately as he's dragged in a vicious hangman

Jake hoisted off of his feet in a rib-collapsing bearhug

Figure 4 boston crab!! Jake in a world of hurt

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