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  Skip Vance vs. Trey Dixon*

Trey Dixon, the sparkling gold lucha stud

With his mask askew, a determined Trey rocks back with a tightly applied boston crab

Spread wide open, Trey restrains Skip and wails away at his tight body

Skip dangles and inverts Trey over his shoulders

The two erotically-charged studs get down to business in the barest of gear

The Gear Gamut - tights, singlets, briefs, jocks, and nothing!

The wrestling is astonishingly brutal and evenly contested as Trey Dixon and Skip Vance dive into their shared gear fetish, starting in masks and tights in the ring. Southern drawls dripping with erotic tension slap down taunting trash talk as momentum is traded back and forth. "Ooo, that mask really looks good on you, boy," Trey coos, staring down at Skip's wincing face trapped snuggly in face-to-crotch headscissors. "Oh, yeah, I think purple is your color!"

The erotic fantasy persistently distracts both sexy Southern boys, and it's Trey's infatuation with stroking Skip's spandex-clad ass that leaves him open for Skip's reversal. He mounts the golden hunk and pounds the shit out of Trey's ripped abs, momentarily knocking the fight out of him. Having subdued his opponent, Skip can't stop himself from exploring every inch of Trey's hot bod and focusing particularly lustful attention on Trey's beautiful bulging package. "Come on, give me all you got!" he murmurs breathlessly.

Soon, though, Trey systematically owns his hot little opponent in the ring. Once the bashing and forced stripping is done, it's winner's choice, as Trey digs into his personal bag of fantasy gear, picking out bulge-hugging singlets for each of them to wear as they take this gear war fantasy to the mats.

Skip cannot tear his eyes away from the huge, golden package bouncing eagerly at the front of Trey's yellow singlet. "I don't need to imagine what your package looks like," he marvels a the skin-tight, transparent fabric suction packed around his opponent's crotch. "I can see it!" Trey gives his tempting package a hearty tug, taunting Skip with it. "Oh, I'll show it to you!"

Between the two of them, these two fashionistas have countless gear fetish fantasies that they're dying to dig out of their bags. When Skip makes the golden warrior submit in a full nelson and grapevine combo, he rips the mask off his opponent and claims the next winner's choice: designer briefs. In, then out, then in and out again of one incredibly flattering gear after another, each one smaller than the last, both good ol' boys ratchet up their intensity meaner, hotter, and hornier. Briefly in jock straps, and then one final full naked free for all tests their self-control as limbs and cocks and lips grapple furiously. There's most definitely one decisive, final fall submission that determines which erotic warrior is in charge as they exit the mat room arm in arm, but looking at the erections and the lust in their eyes, this gear fetish fantasy-come-true makes absolutely everyone a winner!

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Skip Vance vs. Trey Dixon*
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Skip leashes Trey with his own gear as he claims his opponent's lips in a seductive smooch

A handful of hair enables Skip to wedge Trey's face into his crotch in a rolled-up schoolboy

Skip Vance: Masked wrestling twink royalty

The humiliated blond dangles over the ropes, forced to inhale a lungful of Trey's sweaty socks

An inverted schoolboy immobilizes the blond stud and wedges his face into Trey's tight ass

Their hands full of each others hair, the two aroused combatants engage in a battle of seduction

Trey spreads his jaws wide to get a taste of his twink opponent's bulge

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