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  Skip Vance vs. Trey Dixon*

Trey Dixon 5'10", 155 lbs.

One sparkling masked stud grinds his challenger's face into his bulge with a schoolboy pin

Skip rolls up his masked opponent and shoves his bulge into the luchadore's face

Skip's hands rove over a sinuous upperbody as Trey's hand sinks low to lay claim to his bulge

A full-nelson from Skip immobilizes Trey's arms so he flexes his glutes

Gear Fetish Fantasy Come True

There's nothing quite like a good ol' Southern boy with a hardcore wrestling gear fetish. So just imagine the heat generated by two sexy Southern boys who get turned on hard by full throttle wrestling in, and then out of the snuggest, sexiest wrestling gear they can find! Trey Dixon and Skip Vance stumbled across their mutual infatuation with all things wrestling gear-related by accident a while ago. But it took a few months of online planning and virtual wrestling to arrange a private, face-to-face rendezvous in Florida. Each hot hunk brought his own bag of tricks to make this fantasy match a reality. The anticipation left them both nearly frothing at the mouth by the time they got their hands all over each other.

Trey greets Skip at the door wearing metallic gold tights and a luchador mask. The tanned, crystal cut muscle stud is dizzyingly sexy as he anxiously asks Skip if he wore the purple tights he requested. Skip strips to Trey's special order gear, and the two eager beavers breathlessly feel one another up and down. Cut from the same cloth, stoked hard by the same wrestling fantasies, they stroll excitedly to live the fantasy in the ring.

Trey has made quite a name for himself in his short tenure with BG East over the past year, starring in some of the sexiest, full contact, fully aroused wrestling combat on tape. He is a beast on the mat, with an intuitive knack for stoking erotic tension and completely distracting an opponent with those paralyzing lips. Skip is far from a doe-eyed rookie, though. The lightweight scrapper has taken some of the most epic beatings on tape and managed to wring grudging respect out of every opponent he's faced. No stranger to the risks and rewards of erotic wrestling, he's not about to be too easily suckered by Trey's gorgeous body and tasty lips.

Trey is nearly beside himself with delight to finally get to play out his gear fetish with a pro. Climbing up to the ring apron, he can't stop himself from exploring every inch of Skip's body, groaning with pleasure at the feel of that spandex-clad ass. A headbutt to the gut, however, permits Skip to dump the golden stud unceremoniously in the ring and get down to the real business at hand, wrestling domination!

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Skip Vance vs. Trey Dixon*
44 minutes

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The two fully-aroused opponent lock lips and grind against each other

Trey rolls up his twinky opponent as Skip claws at his ass

Skip Vance 5'6", 142 lbs.

A expertly applied half nelson distracts enough to allow Skip's mischievous hand to wander

Demasked and immobilized, Skip's gets his head snared between socked feet

A head squeezed between his thighs, Skip readies a piledrive and examines the goods

Skip proves his mettle and fights to crush a skull between his quads in a headscissors

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