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  Brute Baynard vs. Braden Charron vs. Brad Barnes

Brute Baynard 5'10", 210 lbs.

Braden Charron 5'8"

Braden watches on as his once tag-team partner is crushed in an elevated bearhug

Braden and Brute work in tandem, crushing the superhunk in a vicious double bearhug

Having grown tired of trying to one up each other, Brute applies a beautiful abstretch

Pummeling Iron

Brute, Braden, and Brad are the killer Bs at BG East, and this battle will decide which B has the deadliest sting. These bodybuilding big boys draw the battle lines when smiling Brad arrives at the gym in skimpy, cock-snuggling trunks. Immediately this sets off a debate between Brute and Braden, already deep into oneupmanship, over which muscled bodybuilder can kick babyface Brad's butt faster.

"I'll have this guy screaming 'I quit' before you even lay a hand on him," Brute boasts. Brad just smiles, eager to show off his own coiled power. Brad tag teamed with Braden in Summer Sizzlers 5, and he's none too happy with his former Brawn Brothers partner. It's worth his while to take up this challenge and get a chance to double team his badgering former partner. The long battle that ensues is epic bodybuilding destruction, as the three see who will get back up his words and score the ultimate bodybuilder beat-down.

Taking their beef to the squared circle, Braden gets a first try laying into Brad. Brad deftly counters with a standing arm lock, wrenching Braden's left arm back and up before switching to a side headlock, and then, with surprising finesse, back to a high-pressure arm bar. Braden won't submit, so Brad contemptuously pushes him down to the mat. Overconfident now, he moves on to try the same move on Brute, but gets a brick-sized fist to the noggin that flattens him to the ground.

His revenge is short-lived. Baynard proceeds to bludgeon Brad in a humiliating show of raw Brute force, while off to one side barefoot Braden looks on, nursing his freshly nicked ego. As Brute stomps Brad in the back, Braden crows, "See, that's more like my style, right there!" "This is your style?" Brute replies. "Then how come I'm the one doing it?"

Brute jerks Brad up to his feet and rivets him in a front facelock, driving him face-first to the mat. We get a widescreen view of Brad's bubble butt wriggling as he tries to thrust free of Brute's steel-trap arms. Brute hauls him back to his feet and tosses him to Braden like a rabbit to the python tank. Braden reapplies the facelock, cutting off Brad's supply of oxygen. Brad is feeling numb all over when Braden throws him back to Brute, who twists him into a kneecap-snapping Boston crab for the first submission, which Brute refuses to acknowledge until he forces Brad to verbally humiliate himself...

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Brute Baynard vs. Braden Charron vs. Brad Barnes
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Exacting some revenge on his bully buddy, Braden wears him down in a sleeperhold

And to complete the set: Barnes' is broken across Brute's shoulders in a torture rack

Brad Barnes 5'8"

The big, bad, bully bodybuilders delight in the pain the boston is inflicting on Barnes' back

Brute checks his work in the mirror, wrenching his opponent's arms back in a seated surfboard

With his knee firmly planted in Barnes' lower back, Braden cranks his neck back over the rope

First Brute carts Braden about the ring, racking his spine across his broad shoulders

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