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  Big Barry Burke vs. Rolf Fulton

Big Barry Burke 6'0, 260 lbs

Big Barry Burke bulldozes Rolf with a massive clothesline

Burke stomps his smaller opponent into the bottom turnbuckle with a big boot

Rolf withers in his opponent's colossal bearhug that crushes the badboy's ribs

Rolf's long and lean body stretched out in a dragon sleeper under a massive bicep

Rolf cries out as the huge heel carts him about the ring in a torture rack

I Don't Wanna Be The Jobber!

Rolf Fulton is tall (six-foot-one), rangy, and tough. He wrestles a lot of places, typically preferring to wrestle bigger, heavier wrestlers. As an active participant on the pro indy scene both in the US and Canada he doesn't have much choice! Challenging the "big boys" is the preference of the most dedicated (or most foolhardy) of diminutive wrestlers, pitting themselves against the sport's Goliaths. Often he comes out on top, more often than you might expect. And it's not just dumb luck. Rolf knows his stuff. In his previous bout at BG East, in Ringwars 20, he wrestled babyfaced Gavin Keys, an inch taller, and 55 pounds heavier, and Rolf cut through him like the guy was butter. Not without cutting some corners. He knows how to bend the rules when it's expedient to his goal.

This time, however, lean mean Rolf faces Big Brutal Beefy Barry Burke. Big Barry is huge, 80 pounds heavier than Fulton. And hard. All over. Nothing about him is the least bit buttery. And he's been a pro wrestler for a decade, so there's nothing he doesn't know about hurting people. His impressive and eye-popping debut at BG East caused ripples throughout the wrestling world. With his one previously released match versus Zori Leone Big Bad Barry has proven himself a major force to be reckoned with.

Rolf senses he's in trouble as soon as he steps into the ring. He looks at Barry, facing him like a tank. Unusually sheepish on this occasion, Rolf tells Barry that he won't give up ... NOT that he's going to beat Big Barry up, NOT that he is going to avoid having his ass handed to him, but only that he won't give up. Burke smiles, totally unconvinced.

The two lock arms for a second and a half. Then Barry heaves Rolf up with the greatest of ease and seats him up on the top turnbuckle, delivering a deafening slap to the face. In shocked amazement, Rolf touches his mouth, probably thinking his lips are in Colorado by now. A reverse bearhug, an armbar, a headlock with knee jabs to the chest, then a chinlock (and pushup combination) that turns into a chinlock-bodyscissors combination ... now Rolf KNOWS he's in trouble. But that's only the beginning!

Still, Rolf puts up a heel front. Totally defenseless in the grip of Big Barry Burke, Rolf brags about licking one of Barry's jobber buddies. The big man is not impressed, only pushing Rolf's boast to the logical next question: "You've taken out all my bitches, who am I gonna beat up then?" The answer is painfully clear. "I'm not next!" Rolf shouts in denial of the obvious. "I'm not next!" Big Barry just smirks at Rolf's pathetic bleating.

Barry clawholds Rolf's trapezius muscle. Rolf pleads for mercy. Ever philosophical, Barry asks whether Rolf ever showed "mercy" to any of his opponents. Rolf admits he never did, but, he argues, they "deserved" what he gave them. This is too fine a point for Barry to appreciate perhaps, so he busies himself instead with bending Rolf in two in a camel clutch. Rolf screams, "I've never felt this way before! I've never been on the other end! I Don't Wanna Be A Jobber!" - a little too little and a little too late for a sudden revelation.

Barry breaks Rolf (chest down) over his knee, a heartpunch times seventy. "You broke my ribs," says Rolf, but his words don't slow Big Barry down, determined to demote Rolf to "full-time jobber status." He swings Rolf between his legs in a pendulum backbreaker. He bashes the youngster's balls against the turnbuckle. Rolf attempts retaliation, a clawhold to the abs, but Barry just scoffs and kicks him in the face. A fusillade of humiliating blows ensues: bearhug, knee-drop, abdominal stretch, a bow-and-arrow backbreaker.

Even when Rolf at last submits, Barry is not satisfied. He gives Rolf a chance to crawl out of the ring and crawl out the door. But when Rolf shakily tries to pull himself upright, Barry stomps him down. "Too late now," he says and resumes the ritual dismantlement. He-man justice prevails in Heelbash 1. Brace yourself for nerve-and bone-jangling blows, as the decidedly one-sided fight winds its way to a spectacular cannonball finisher!

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Big Barry Burke vs. Rolf Fulton
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Heel Bash 1 Arena Galleries

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Barry's big elbow drop drives the much-smaller opponent deeper into the canvas

A suspended bow-and-arrow tests the flexibility (and pain threshold) of Rolf's spine

The ropes prove to be no sanctuary for Fulton as Barry rips at his handsome face

Barry works a painful abstretch and digs his elbow into the stretched obliques

The lean Rolf hoisted up in the air for a spine-smashing, over-the-knee backbreaker

A figure-four head scissors: is this the end of the contest for outmatched Rolf?

Rolf Fulton 6'1" 160 lbs

Barry drops to a knee and drives his big elbow into a dazed Rolf's skull

Barry uses the ropes for leverage as he crushes Rolf underfoot

Badboy in trouble, suspended in the air for a suplex

The big man carries his lightweight opponent over in a ringpost rattling bodyslam

Adonis personified: Barry poses his chiseled, boulder-like muscles over a nearly-broken Rolf

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