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  Cameron Matthews vs. Zach Reno

Cameron Matthews - 5'11, 160 lbs

The hairy hunk lifts the smooth pro stud into his arms in preparation for a brutal OTK backbreaker

The muscled vet's cries resound through the arena as he suffers in a neck-cranking camel clutch

The almighty Cameron may have met his match as Reno hovers his bulge over Cam's face

Reno wrecked? Cameron drives home his point as he grinds his elbow into the hairy hunk's temple

The scruffy babyface heel squeezes his opponent in an inverted bearhug before delivering a tombstone

Alpha Submissions, Alpha Trash Talk

Zach Reno has already impressed fans by taking on some of BG East's biggest names: Kid Karisma; Lon Dumont; Brute Baynard; Kip Sorell. Now he faces one of the biggest wrestling stars on the scene, Cameron Matthews! Cameron proves time after time that even if you look like a prettyboy, you can still kick serious ass. Despite his youthful, boyish face, he's one of the most seasoned vets in the ring. And when it comes to Submissions, he knows how to put that experience to good use.

Staring each other down in the ring, these two stunningly handsome hunks size each other up. Zach, with his scruffy beard, chest hair, and more than ample package, is a powerfully built stallion just waiting for a chance to cut loose. Cameron's smooth body, packed with muscles, is primed to unleash hell. The contrast between the two just adds to the excitement. "Scared?" Cameron asks. Zach scoffs. "Me?!" The testosterone is flaring in the ring, and both men are determined to make the other cry for mercy like a little bitch.

The time for talking tough is over. Locking up in a test of strength, it's clear these two are very evenly matched when it comes to power and muscular prowess. Zach gets the upper hand, slamming Cameron down to the mat and cranking on a painful headlock. He can't help taunting Cameron. "Everyone said you were so good." Cameron warns that he's gonna kick his ass, but it ends in a yell as Zach cranks up the pressure. Once they break, Cameron is still so damn cocky he promises he'll get three submissions in a row cause he's got a date in 25 minutes! Zach's response? A bearhug that lifts Cameron right off the ground and into abject agony. Zach wants his new buddy to make his date, so he locks on a Boston Crab, forcing the match's first submission. Two more in a row, and Cameron's free to leave.

His ego as bruised as his body, Cameron can't let this stand. He's pissed and he's letting Zach know. Zach tries clamping on a full nelson, claiming he's going to take down the living legend, but Cameron is done being shown up by a "rookie" and powers his way out. Finally on top and livid as hell, he's ready for revenge. Clamping on a headscissors, he's so cocky he can't help but flex as Zach squirms between his legs. He also can't help throwing in an ab claw for added suffering. And just like that, Cameron only needs two more submissions!

Now that he's on a roll, Cameron offers a freebie. He'll get down to the mat and Zach can crank on any hold he wants. Disgusted by "the rookie's" fumbling and lack of experience, Cameron quickly puts his amateur wrestling experience to use, and the freebie for Zach turns into another Submission point for Cameron. One point away from victory, Cameron slams Zach into the corner and up into a Tree of Woe, grinding his crotch into Zach's face as he alternately delivers blow after blow to his abs.

His blood running hot after the indignity of having his face smothered, Zach fights his way back on top, yanking Cameron into a mighty bearhug. His feet well off the ground, Cameron nearly escapes before it's locked on even tighter. The only escape is to submit. Cameron's two-point lead vanishes and it's starting to look like he might not make his date after all.

The blitz of submission moves back and forth is absolutely phenomenal. Cameron utilizes his submission expertise to nail a perfect sharpshooter (with a chinlock for extra suffering!). Playing dirty, he fishhooks Zach before moving onto a brutal inverted Gory Special. He's not content with just submission holds, executing a vicious crotch lift into a gutbuster, a powerbomb that leaves Zach twitching, and a few agonizing low blows. Zach, not to be outdone, rips into Cameron with a tremendous camel clutch, leg scissors that leaves him gasping for air, a suspended bow and arrow, and even a piledriver. At one point, the match spills outside the ring, where the rules are suspended and things get really brutal.

This is truly an amazing Submissions Match between two of the toughest competitors to step into the BG East ring - and one of the sexiest pro battles. Cameron may have finally met his match, from submissions and power to trash talk and posturing. At nearly 45 minutes, this is truly a merciless test of pain and endurance that cannot be missed!

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Cameron Matthews vs. Zach Reno
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Submission is the name of the game - the more inventive and the more punishing, the better!

Reno 's arched, crossed-leglock grinds the veteran's face into the sweaty mat

An arching reverse chinlock, crossed-leglock combination tests and fatigues Cam's muscles

Reno fires his fist deep into the chiseled abs of the veteran

Cam's master experience comes into play as he rolls the hairy stud up in a spladle

Cam's sweaty, supple muscle flexed in a beautifully arched inverted facelock

Zach Reno - 5'8, 160 lbs

Contrast of lean and hairy bulging muscle as Zach's trapped in a double hammerlock

Cam completely outmatched and outsmarted as the ropes tighten around his neck

Total fear is etched on Cameron's face as studly Reno rides his trapped, cornered, and battered body

Cameron is agonizingly arched backwards in Zach Reno's effective cross-legged, hangman submission

The hairy prettyboy, stretched and arched out over Cameron's back in a brutal submission hold

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