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  Austin Cooper vs. Jayden Mayne

Austin Cooper 5'9 175 lbs

Austin's muscled bod flexes over the trapped punk in a camel, armwrench combo

Austin executes a few pullups while working over his opponent

A big elbow drop crushes Jayden's lean body

Jayden trapped by the muscle hunk's headscissors choke

Austin stretches his smaller opponent out in a torturous bow-and-arrow

Cocky Little Skinny Guy

Beefy Austin accepts a challenge from a lighter, less experienced wrestler in the opening match of Wrestleshack 20. Jayden has impressed in previous matches against heavier and more experienced guys like Joe Robbins and Charlie Panther, but to Austin he's just one of those "cocky little skinny guys" we sign him to wrestle sometimes. Austin is all business, a consummate professional, used to taking center stage as the prettyboy babyface hunk (in not one but two Wrestler Spotlight releases at BG East), but of late his darker, cockier side has emerged.

"You ready to lose?" Jayden challenges arrogantly. Austin shrugs his shoulders and replies, "I'm gonna kick your ass, man." Jayden snaps back, "No, I'm gonna kick your ass, man." The four walls of the BG East Wrestleshack hide what goes on here from the world, and Austin knows it as he takes Jayden down to the mat. But wiry Jayden crawls all over the tan, muscled Cooper like a spider. Trapped in a headlock and flipped over onto his back, Austin realizes he has underestimated his opponent. Hungry for traction after years of showing potential, Jayden's determined at last to make his mark with this prettyboy.

Jayden slips in behind Austin, locking the big hunk in a rear naked choke. Austin powers out, demonstrating the obvious benefits of size, muscle, and experience, and reverses the choke. Jayden claws at Cooper's huge forearms trying to loosen their grip. Cooper rolls him onto his stomach and locks both arms behind him. He pulls the elbows up to his swelling pecs as Jayden grunts in pain and feels the first cool hint of Austin's sweat. Again shifting position, Austin sits on Jayden's butt and twists the guy's long legs into a figure four. The golden bodybuilder is too heavy for Jayden to buck off, and he submits. But Austin says, "It's too early," and refuses to let the loser go. Instead, he repositions to a cross armbar. He's toying with his opponent!

With Jayden's left arm locked between his bulging thighs, Austin grips the forearm and twists from one side to the other, cranking the joints at wrist, elbow, and shoulder. The pain and the struggle to escape weaken the cocky challenger even more, so Austin can transition to a headscissors, applying the strength of his thighs directly to Jayden's neck and head. Finally, Austin is ready to accept a yelped submission, showing still more hints of sadism in his absolute control of the kid. But this time Jayden refuses! Cooper plants his knuckles to the mat and pushes himself up, tightening the choke. Tough pain-sponge Jayden finally relents and submits, his green trunks bulging from the effort. Austin only transitions to another hold, this time a bodyscissors between his huge quads.

Experienced fans of wrestling drama know this scenario's two equally probable endings. The big musclebrute who enjoys beating up a little guy - even after the guy has submitted multiple times - will get his comeuppance. Or, the little guy gets just what he deserves as the big guy rightly knocks the hubristic little guy down a peg or two. A sort of justice either way.

This contest gives a good taste of both juicy outcomes before settling on one. For comeuppance fans, there's plenty to enjoy here, whether you favor Austin or Jayden. For lovers of the pure physicality of wrestling, there's plenty of that, too, with enough grinding of muscle against muscle to work up ... a good appetite! Nelsons, arm bars, headlocks, chokes, gut punching, and scissors (on the mat or hanging from the rafters) present lots of opportunities for Jayden and Austin to maximize body contact and put their muscle and mat skills to the test. Only one man walks away from this private fight. The other is left on the mat writhing, humiliated, and gasping for air.

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Austin Cooper vs. Jayden Mayne
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Jayden ties the big buff body up beautifully in a leg nelson

Crying out, Austin grasps at his pec and shoulder as it's wrecked in the hammerlock

Jayden's groin stretches painfully wide as he suffers in a rollup spladle

Jayden makes the big guy pay for underestimating him with a bow and arrow

Jayden works the bodybuilder's arm up his back with a hammerlock

Frustrated by the little punk's determination, Austin takes him to the mats with a powerful headlock

Jayden Mayne 5'8 150 lbs

Austin utilizes the crossbeams in the Wrestleshack to make a painful headscissors even worse

Jayden enjoys humbling the big guy in a wicked rear naked choke

Austin holds the tough guy in place for a vicious ab pounding

Austin's thick thighs tightly clamp on the headscissors as Jayden scrambles to escape the vicelike h

Jayden reaching his breaking point as he cries out in a groin stretching legsplit

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