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  Chace LaChance vs. Ben Monaco

Chace Lachance 5'9 170 lbs

A front-runner for Body of the Year, Chace poses over a beaten but worshipful Canadian

Down but not out, Ben takes the opportunity to worship his conqueror's massive quads

A kneeling Ben's appreciative hands and mouth pay homage to Chace's perfect form

A vicious camel clutch may make the Canuck pay in pain for the opportunity to worship Chace

Every formidable muscle flexed to the max as Chace works his victim in a kneeling headscissors

The Thrill of the Chace!

Our finale to this soon-to-be-classic Wrestleshack release finds hunkier-then-ever Chace and Ben making their first trips to the shed. Chace flaunts the sculpted curves of his strong, beautiful body while complaining that Ben appears less of a challenge than he was hoping for. The slight means nothing to Monaco, who sidles up to the bodybuilder to measure his biceps and pecs up next to LaChance's. When Ben actually touches Chace's bulging biceps, Chace bristles, as if Ben were not worthy of putting hands on him. When Ben attempts to explain that he knows something about weight training, Chace puts the palm of his hand to the man's face and brusquely pushes him back. "Enough talking about that," he insists. "Let's get this match going." "Fine by me," Ben replies, quietly but with a distinct undercurrent of intrigue.

Chace gets the first takedown with an unsportsmanlike forearm blow to Ben's shoulders. Rolling and schoolboy pinning Ben, Chace stretches his arms up for a triumphant double biceps pose and Ben quickly hooks his legs onto them and drives Chace's shoulders to the mat, adding a vigorous belly rub to annoy the untouchable Mister LaChance. Riled, Chace busts out of the hold and muscles Monaco into a backbreaking camel clutch. There's no doubting LaChance's superior might. Delivering hard chops to his unsubmitting opponent, he clutches a rafter and crushes Ben's head between his granite-like thighs. This does the trick, forcing Ben to tap out.

"I guess this match won't be challenging at all," Chace speaks with his characteristic lofty nonchalance. Chace doesn't even let Ben up, reapplying the head scissors. Tough Ben manages the first of many reversals into a Boston crab hold, taunting the bodybuilder for his thick Boston accent. Chace's blows to Ben's thickly muscled upper body, and powerful command of Ben's joints soon force Ben into another tap-out.

Chace towers over his suffering victim, demanding his attention and admiration. "Look at me," he orders, " - look at this muscle, huh? ... Look at this as if it's your medicine to feel good." The bodybuilder's narcissism is understandable. In his years at BG East, Chace has grown from a near-twinky gymboy to a hairy-chested man of uncommon power and pulchritude. Ben interrupts the victor with a test of strength challenge. As winded and drained as he is after two agonizing falls, he has no chance against LaChance, but clearly he has something else in mind. Chace, as expected, drives Ben's knuckles to the mat, almost effortlessly. He dares Ben to "try to get up." Ben does his best, only to find himself in a kneeling headscissors, his nose flat against the canvas as Chace flexes above him.

Chace puts on a show as he drives his fist again and again into Ben's rapidly pinkening flesh, the bodybuilder's thick, luscious pecs bouncing on each thudding impact on his opponent. Worth every minute! Ever more full of himself, Chace now issues his own command for a second test of strength. This time Ben downs LaChance with a heart punch. "Cheap shot," Chase calls, and Ben admits, "Yes, it was." Monaco stretches Chace out on top of him with a full nelson on one end and a thigh stretch on the other. Ben looks ecstatic at this moment of glory (who can blame him?) as he wins this third fall by submission! At first it seems to be a momentum-changing win as Ben proceeds to work the bodybuilder muscle by muscle. He seems to relish playing with Chace's sore body as much as claiming victory.

All at once, though, Chace erupts in a torrent of rage, regaining his advantage and soon demanding that Ben worship the full panoply of his rippling muscles! He forces Monaco to kiss his biceps and fondle his pecs and abs. Ben complies with gusto, and one has to wonder whether, in this case, loss might actually be preferable to victory. What follows may be the most sensuous finish the Wrestleshack has seen, at least with everybody's trunks on. Never has body worship been this aggressive or this satisfying. Ben laps Chace up like a kitten on a bowl of milk. It's difficult to say who gets the most satisfaction from this spectacle: the victor, the vanquished, or us. It's an unmatchable moment in a Wrestleshack number full of unmatchable moments, one of the best in a series that has always been a star in the BG East crown!

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Chace LaChance vs. Ben Monaco
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The beefy Canadian's groin spread painfully wide in a spladle

Chace employs the wrestleshack's structure in a suspended headscissors and relishes in the worship

Ben loses himself in worship, his hands caressing, his mouth suckling on the powerful pecs

Ben's hands roam worshipfully over Chace's sculpted midsection in a crotch-to-face headscissors

Ben flexes mightily over the suffering slab of beautiful beaten muscle beneath his knee

The cocky Canuck takes the upperhand, kneeling over the muscled stud with a headscissors

Ben Monaco 5'10 175 lbs

Chace flexes his big bicep into Ben's neck tightly as he works a reverse chinlock

Chace's big bicep flexes for his victim's oral ministrations

Chace looks on as Ben kisses his shredded midsection

The thick, hairy thighs of the gorgeous musclegod crush Ben's ribcage

Beaten Ben worships and salivates over the softball-sized bicep in his face

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