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  Marc Merino vs. Ramy Khoury*

Marc Merino: 5'10, 240 lbs

Marc and Ramy glove up for their rentboy beatdown

Marc flexes his thick abs against another dangerous blow

Headgear isn't enough to dampen the damage Khouri's fists inflict

A dazed and beaten Merino forced to inhale Khouri's sweaty crotch protector

The hairy boxer poses victoriously in his debut destruction of the X-Fighter

Living the Pugilistic Fantasy

Powerhouse boxer Ramy Khoury may have an unfair advantage. It isn't his thick muscles or his sensational speed. He developed those impeccable assets fair and square, through years of hard work and training. Perhaps what gives a naturally gifted athlete like Ramy an unexpected edge over his boxing opponents is the erotic gratification that it gives him to lay another man out. Beating an opponent doesn't just feel good. It turns him on and gets him off.

When he came across Marc Merino's profile on a certain meet-up site, Ramy knew he'd found his greatest conquest to date. Marc's profile promised that he had experience in amateur, shoot, and pro wrestling as well as bare knuckle and amateur boxing. And most importantly, the profile promised that Marc was willing to take a beating. With a phenomenal physique and cover boy good looks, Marc charges (and gets) a pretty penny for throwing down. But Ramy was more than happy to pony up for the opportunity to lay a glove or two on Marc's magnificent muscles.

That extra pump of adrenaline Ramy gets while anticipating a bruising bout and an explosive post-match finish starts to go limp when his rent-a-hunk looks like he may be a no-show. The hungry, hairy Lebanese hunk is seriously pissed when Marc strolls in 30 minutes late without an apology, chewing gum and sporting a bad case of bed head. "About fucking time you showed up," Ramy snaps angrily. "What do you think I'm paying you for, to walk in whenever you want?"

In response, Marc silently flexes his gargantuan biceps, and all that dazzlingly beautiful muscle demands to be forgiven. Like a magnet, Ramy's hands reach out and caress the bulging beefcake before him. "Oh, yeah," he purrs, squeezing his opponent's pecs. "This is going to work really good for a punching bag."

Ramy's custom combat fantasy is to completely dominate precisely the type of magnificent muscle specimen that Marc is. He paid that pretty penny for Marc to suck down his punishment like a sponge. "Let's see if you're as tough as you look," the boxer says excitedly, throwing some light punches to feel out his opponent. True to his contract, Marc stands there and takes it as Ramy uses his pendulous pecs as a speed bag. He drives blows into the muscle man's rock hard abs, taunting and tormenting him, tenderizing Marc's thick, meaty muscles. Demanding that his practice dummy put on headgear, Ramy goes headhunting, cleaning Marc's clock with solid jabs and dizzying speed. "That's what I'm paying for? Come on, you hit me!" Ramy grows cocky, the power and domination going straight to his head.

Suddenly, the sleeping giant wraps his massive arms around his opponent and hoists the hairy hunk off his feet in a crushing bearhug. Ramy almost disappears in all of that bulging muscle, writhing in pain, gasping for air. Demanding that his hired-hunk fight back looks like it may be significantly more than Ramy bargained for, crumpling like a wad of paper under the overwhelming pressure.

A nasty knee to his balls breaks the bearhug and brings mighty Marc to his knees in a heap. The gloves come off, but the punches keep flying. Marc is no stranger to balls out, no holds barred wrestling, but Ramy's primal lust for destroying a muscled gladiator is unlike anything the seasoned wrestler has experienced. Item by item, the gear is ripped off. Bare-knuckled fists rain down until even Marc's famous tolerance for pain comes crumbling down in a pile of broken muscle and humiliation. Ramy takes the most satisfying victory lap of all, pounding out his massive piece into Marc's mountainous pecs, proclaiming himself the self-annointed gloved gladiator X-fighter champion.

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The boxer kneels and surveys his beaten and bedraggled opponent

A powerful blow from Khoury's fist knocks Merino's headgear right off

Merino fights back as best he can, working the boxer's powerful chest in a rib crushing bearhug

Marc takes Ramy's relentless pounding while nearly stripped and helpless

Merino humbled as he's leashed by Ramy's wrist-wrap

Khoury displays wrestling know-how with a skull crushing headscissors on the vet X-fighter

Ramy Khoury: 5'10, 180 lbs

The gear choices are made by Ramy for his own ends

Merino staggers drunkenly after a defenseless onslaught from the bully boxer

Merino sags as he holds on the ropes in a desperate bid to keep his feet

The beaten wrestler forced to peel down the boxer's gear

Victim for hire Merino kneels, wasted before the bulging, jockstrapped heel

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