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  Van Skyler vs. Brute Baynard

Van Skyler: 5'8, 185

Van clings desperately to consciousness as Brute's big bicep eclipses his handsome face

Pouch perched prettily on the rope, Van whimpers, trapped in the full nelson

A blatant corner choke? Just another day in Jobberland

Brute bends Van back in a rope-assisted inverted headlock

Van's built body trapped and stretched in a standing surfboard

"You've got to answer this one question."

Van Skyler's meteoric rise is due to a whole host of notable factors. He's one of the prettiest muscle hunks in competition. Fans fawn over his perfectly proportional, bulging body, and particularly his phenomenally round, muscled ass. Van's bedroom eyes and lush, inviting lips have quickly made him a fantasyman favorite. But everyone, including Van, knows that his soaring popularity has not been built on solid wrestling fundamentals. He's gorgeous as hell, sensationally powerful, and ambitious, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of wrestling technique, he's had a tough time getting traction.

So Van asked for some pointers from the dominant and supremely successful indy pro powerhouse, Brute Baynard. Brute has left a long trail of broken bodies and shattered dreams, bulldozing through opponents with abandon. Van knows the score. Brute is savagely brutal and merciless. Van doesn't expect to walk out of his private tutoring session without significant bumps and bruises all over his pristine aesthetic physique. But he knows when he walks out, if he walks out, he'll be a whole lot wiser to the ways of professional wrestling.

"All right, you obviously work out in the gym," Brute concedes when he finds Van flexing his phenomenal physique. "And I respect the fact that you're asking me to come here and show you how we get it done in the ring. But before we start, you've got to answer this one question. Do you really think you belong in my ring with me?"

Is there a right answer to a question like that? Van doesn't hesitate to answer, "Yes!" which earns him a kick in the gut and spine jarring snap suplex. Brute doesn't believe in sparing the rod, so he crushes and pounds Van's luscious body viciously. Van's prominently bulging pecs take dozens of savage chops. Hung like dirty laundry in the corner ropes, Van's spread eagled legs are pried apart and stomped. Dragged from corner to corner, Van doesn't have time to take notes on the finer points of the lesson. A joint wrenching full nelson scissor hold stretches the physique star out vulnerably as his instructor demands that he submit. Astonishingly, Van demands more instruction. "Give me a reason to!"

Dragon sleepers, bearhugs, barehanded chokes across every inch of the ring initiate Van into the harshest realities of making it big in pro wrestling. "You still think you're in my league?" Brute asks incredulously. "Yeah!" Van gasps, tied into the ropes and kneed in the back. Mr. Popular's tenacity impresses even big Brute, but the more Van resists, the more brutal Brute becomes. A suspended bearhug displays Van's fan favorite ass as Brute's gargantuan arms squeeze the life out of the pretty boy. Gasping, choking for air, Van suddenly screams out, "Fuck, I give up!!!"

You can watch Van's priorities shift from learning to simply surviving the increasingly savage mugging. Feeling disrespected, Brute works hard on making Van's painfully pretty face a whole lot uglier. He pounds those pouty lips viciously into his knee, and he rains down bareknuckled punches to Van's chiseled, square jaw. The aspiring physique star begs louder and louder as he's stretched and pummeled and crushed into profanity-laced screams of terror and begging. Only time will tell whether Van will emerge a better wrestler due to Brute's tutelage. "How's that for showing you the fucking ropes, huh?" Brute snarls.

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Van Skyler vs. Brute Baynard
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Van suffers a back bending chinlock pinned under Brute's knee

Like a well-oiled machine, Brute works muscle group after muscle group one after the other

Van's bubble butt pops beautifully as his back bends in a standing inverted headlock

Brain drain! Brute locks on a brutal, torturous skull crusher on the cornered jobber

Brute bends Van's thick arms behind his back in a torturous double armbar variation

Van's thick supple frame bent and worked in a torture rack across Brute's broad shoulders

Brute Baynard: 5'10, 210

Van dropped to his knees as big bad Brute sinks in debilitating double trap claw

Brute carts Van around the ring in a big backbreaking bearhug

Not the face! Brute rips and claws at the handsome Van's visage

Bound in the ropes, Van has nowhere to run as he wilts in the reverse bearhug

Villainy victorious: Dirty heel Brute flexes over the broken muscle stud

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