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  Kayden Keller vs. Bruno LaBestia*

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

LaBestia reels as Kayden closes in and unleashes holy hell on his exposed midsection

The bigger Bruno in pain as Kayden tries to level the playing field with a big low blow

Kayden's roll up pin is nullified by Bruno's seductive, crotch-clutching offense

Kayden grinds his ass into Bruno's bulge in reflex as his arm is hammered up his back

Kayden pumps his own pulsing rod as he works a victorious Bruno's with his mouth


Which is the more macho sport? Boxing or wrestling? The debate has come down through the decades from the days when men competed naked in the arena for laurels at the original Greek Olympics. Exhibition battles between wrestlers and boxers have thrilled audiences, even as both sports have become less brutal through the centuries. Yet the two disciplines of masculine combat are similar: in each, a man puts his body, his strength, his skill and his endurance on the line against another's. Watching boxers fight can also elicit an erotic thrill for the viewer; bodies might not become entwined in an almost erotic fashion, or twisted or bent or stretched with every muscle on display, but the masculine rush of adrenaline, that strange erotic thrill, is also there for the fighters.

Kayden Keller has developed into one of the more popular and accomplished heels in The Boss' stable, even winning the title of Best Heel of 2017 over many highly regarded and more experienced nominees. His innate sadistic delight in finding new ways to torture and destroy his foes is something that cannot be learned. Nothing delights this young man more than the anguished cries of his suffering opponents, nothing makes him smile delightedly or makes his dick harder than standing over his broken and beaten opponent. So, when relative newcomer Bruno La Bestia challenges him to put on the gloves and use the ring at BGEast for a battle that isn't wrestling, the youngster is up to the challenge. Using gloved fists to pummel and batter and beat down a foe? Something new and different is just what the doctor ordered for the handsome, youthful, often inscrutable brute.

The Arena and BGEast, though, aren't about boxing, and the two open up their bout with some playful jabs and sparring. Wait a minute! Headlocks aren't allowed in boxing, are they? But Kayden likes to win, and after a couple of brutal gut punches from Bruno leave him staggered, he can't resist the opportunity to wrap an arm around Bruno's head and deliver some punches that aren't, strictly speaking, legal. But for this particular fight, there ain't no referee in the BGEast arena...and turn about is also fair play. But as more punches get thrown, and tempers start to rage and rules start to go out the window - Bruno's greater experience in boxing starts taking a toll on the bearded youngster.

You can never count Kayden out, though - even when he's stunned, staggering and gasping for breath. Bruno's upper hand soon gives way to Kayden's subterfuge, but the evenly-matched battle goes back and forth. Kayden's lack of boxing experience soon shows, and Bruno delivers a vicious blow, knocking the young stud down....and if that humiliation isn't enough, Bruno's bloodlust has turned simply to lust and he removes the stud heel's boxing trunks, leaving him sprawled, ass up in his boxing jock, in the center of the ring! And while Bruno moves off to the mat room in triumph, Kayden is left groveling in the ring. But the wrestling mats, unlike the boxing ring, is home field to Kayden Keller. The BG East mat room - aka "The Grotto" - is claimed territory, as Bruno soon will find out!

A humiliated Kayden? In the mat room, seeking vengeance? But Bruno LaBestia is no stranger to grappling in close quarters. Advantages are gained, advantages are lost...their hearts pumping, their bodies slick with sweat as trunks and jocks are stripped off as they battle, their brutal holds becoming more sensual, and this slowly but surely becomes an erotic contest of domination and submission. Tongues lick muscles, lust drives each man on to their inevitable climax and the inevitable explosive end of this erotic struggle.

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Kayden Keller vs. Bruno LaBestia*
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Kayden's crippling quads crush Bruno's ribcage in a suspended bodyscissors

Kayden locks down a rear chinlock, scissors combination on the rugged stud

Labestia lords over a defeated Keller with a ball-grabbing, knee-to-the-throat pin

Kayden climbs atop the fallen LaBestia with a bulge-to-bulge grinding pin

Kayden gazes down warily as LaBestia takes his manhood and health in hand

Bruno's big, bruising quads crush Kayden in a bodyscissors as he claims him with a liplock

Bruno LaBestie: 5'7, 188 lbs

A thunderous, right backhand knocks the taste (and guard) right out of Kayden's mouth

Kayden looms over LaBestia as he wears him down with a bent over rear naked choke

Bruno basks in a job well done as a crotch sucking headscissors shuts Keller down

Big Bruno pins a helpless Kayden as he grinds his bulge into his supplicating lips

Kayden toes the line between sadism and seduction with a crotch-to-ass, two-handed choke

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