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  Kid Karisma vs. Lane Hartley

Kid Karisma: 5'8", 170

Hartley takes the Kid to the mat with a grinding, skull crushing side headlock.

Kid K gets some serious air as Lane carries him up and over for a big suplex.

Karisma proves that size isn't everything as he breaks down the thickly muscled pecs of Lane.

Hartley is determined to make the ginger stud pay for the embarassment he caused with an abstretch.

Kid K brings the taller, thicker-muscled pro stud to his knees with a neck-cranking full nelson.

Heel vs. Heel

Best Match of 2018
Best Ring Match 2018
It's rare to see two notoriously dominant heels climb into the ring to determine who's baddest of all. Fans perpetually plead for a match up like this, but most heels raison d'etre is brutalizing babyface jobbers, not slugging it out with each other. However, Lane Hartley and Kid Karisma have one compelling reason to forgo babyface-bashing just this once and pit their diabolical talents and magnificent muscles against one another. They just genuinely don't like each other.

Although they achieve similar outcomes in muscle bullying their opponents into humiliating defeat, their styles clash painfully. Lane is a massively muscled bunker buster. He's merciless and bloodthirsty, less motivated by a victory than by the aesthetics of a demolished opponent piled in a heap at his feet. He is serious as a heart attack. Rather than savoring his domination of another man in the ring, he breathes it like air. His humorless intensity is a force of nature. After crushing an opponent, Lane seems just that much hungrier, angrier, and fiercer as he leaves the ring.

Kid Karisma, on the other hand, is out for nothing but a good time. Unfortunately for his opponents, he never enjoys himself as much as when he is in the midst of breaking an opponent to pieces. His award winning muscled physique is equipped with a dozen ways to humiliate an opponent and make him beg for mercy. Kid K laughs often in the ring, usually tickled at the sounds of desperate panic and sobbing anguish that he squeezes out of his challengers. The notorious party boy holds no grudges. He is famous for gleefully wringing submissions out of a defenseless opponent one minute, and dragging him out to the clubs to party together the next.

As they square off in the ring, the antipathy between them is palpable. "You work out a little bit, I guess," Kid Karisma grudgingly acknowledges Lane's obviously magnificent muscle development. "Not ripped like this, though," Kid Karisma flexes his crystal cut physique impressively to demonstrate why he's repeatedly been voted Best Body in the business. "Cardio much?"

The abrupt reversal of fortunes will make you gasp as these dangerously skilled wrestlers go at it. Lane's early momentum, built off of a brutal kick to the lower abdomen and pummeling forearm smashes to Kid Karisma's muscled upper back, set him up for a near fall 2 count in the opening seconds of the match. If Lane thought his size advantage would make this a stroll in the park, though, he's rudely disabused of the notion when Kid K scrambles into a mount and smothers the handsome hunk into a humiliated panic, struggling for air with his face buried between Kid Karisma's thick pecs.

True to form, Lane grows angrier by the minute, while Kid Karisma taunts and showboats, savoring every moment he can humble the indy pro powerhouse. Lane pounds the offense out of his opponent with a sharp jab to the gut, before furiously face-planting the freckle-faced muscle hunk repeatedly into a turnbuckle. Seriously dazed and defenseless, Kid Karisma has no counter when Lane hooks a leg and slaps down a 3-count pin. "That's what I thought," Lane roars as he furiously climbs to his feet and watches to see if his challenger has the audacity to get back up.

Audacity is Kid Karisma's middle name, so it should surprise no one that he dives face-first into the fray almost instantly. Even as Lane rains down forearm blows, Kid K launches himself like a cruise missile, spearing the big man with a shoulder and literally lifting him off his feet to pound him in a corner. When the party animal scoops the big man up like a baby and powerslams him to the mat, you can be certain that this match is not turning out to be anything like Lane is accustomed to.

It's a slugfest to the bitter end. Mouthwatering muscles are tortured in the ropes. Sweat-soaked suspended headscissors wring frantic pleas for mercy out of one shocked bad boy. In the battle between serious business and diabolic fun, sweat and tears coming pouring out like neither hardcore heel ever would have imagined. Whichever infamously dominant heel you're hoping to see humbled, you will have to admire the total and decisive victory that determines which hot hunk is baddest of all.

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Kid Karisma vs. Lane Hartley
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With Lane laid low, Karisma takes the opportunity to drop a big elbow to his pecs.

Lane finds himself in a world of hurt, tied up and crushed in the smaller ginger muscle stud's legs.

Hartley is not used to being the one being broken but Kid K works it with a leg nelson.

With an arm bound bodyscissors, Kid K cranks at the neck and spine of Hartley.

Kid K takes Lane to the mat, continuing to work him over with a reversed head scissors.

Kid K rolls Hartley up for the 1, 2, 3 to claim the crown of the baddest boy of BGEast.

Lane Hartley: 6', 220 lbs

The Karismatic One snaps the spine of Hartley in a neck-crunching camel clutch.

A rope-bound suspended head scissors has Lane begging for mercy from the smaller stud.

The shredded ginger is like a dog with a bone as he chokes Hartley over the ring ropes.

Lane flags and sags, bulging in the ropes, as Karisma rides him with a constricting rear choke.

Lane bends and breaks The Karismatic One with a backbreaking Boston crab

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