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  Braden Charron vs. Meat

Braden Charron: 5'8, 200 lbs

Braden pours on his considerable muscle with a skull crushing side headlock on the newbie.

Braden digs into Meat's thick pecs, tearing him to shreds like the slab of beef that he is.

Braden lets out a guttural roar of victory as he pours his strength on in a rib-crushing bearhug.

Meat bends and bows backwards as Braden cranks back with a backbreaking Boston crab.

Meat lies crushed, trampled, and spread out like a side of beef under the foot of superior muscle.

Warning: Objects in the Ring May Be Bigger than They Appear

Braden Charron is one of the most underestimated wrestlers currently competing. Once a notorious muscle jobber, Braden has honed his wrestling craft to become a serious competitor. He's taken some of the hardest knocks on record, and he's learned from every one of them. Braden is smarter and more aggressive every time he climbs into the ring, and he has a quickly expanding arsenal of submission finishers. He has also honed his magnificent physique to superhuman proportions, earning him a respectable third-place finish at a recent regional bodybuilding competition.

In the audience at that competition was the long-time BG East fan who simply answers to the name Meat. Meat recognized Braden from some of his fondest wrestling fantasies, and the barrel-chested longshoreman made his way backstage to get an autograph. While star struck, Meat couldn't help but comment that Braden looks smaller in the ring than he does in real life. It was probably meant to be a compliment of Braden's competition-ready conditioning, but the carb-deprived muscleman took offense. The autograph session turned ugly, and Braden challenged the average Joe to get a first hand look at just how big Braden looks "when you're flat on your back staring up at me in my ring!"

A week later, Braden's sculpted form is tanned to perfection and poured into his skimpy blue posing trunks in the ring. He cycles through the standard poses as Meat waits excitedly to get his hands on the cocky wrestling star. "What are you doing, man," Meat snarls impatiently, his beefy body packed tightly into baby blue classic trunks. "This is a wrestling ring!"

"You'll get yours in a minute," Braden promises, not taking his eyes off of his own spectacular body flexing back at him in the mirror. "Just keep your mouth shut!"

"Why, what are you going to do," Meat demands, staring down at the now-smaller muscle man and deciding that Braden does, indeed, look smaller in the real world ring. As an answer, Braden smacks the backwards baseball cap off of the longshoreman's bald head and lands a crushing forearm to the back of the average-Joe's neck to send him sprawling to the mat. "Fuck you," Meat snarls, but his curses are interrupted as the bodybuilder scoops the big man off his feet and slams his back to the mat with the authority that comes from experience.

Meat isn't the first fan to mistakenly assume that a pro wrestling body slam is just for show. But like Braden's beautifully muscled body, his wrestling holds are as serious as a heart attack. Braden's camel clutch brings tears to the longshoreman's eyes and panic to his voice. The bodybuilder's Boston crab makes the blue collar beefsteak whimper like a baby. Now a seasoned veteran of the ring, Braden controls the action, decisively breaking his opponent down joint by joint until he wrings a feeble plea of submission out of the foul-mouthed dockworker.

Braden digs his claws deeply into the shocked rookie's massive pecs. You can watch the truth wash over Meat's gasping face as Braden backs him into a corner by his pectorals and threatens to shred the muscle with his bare hands. Oh-so-pretty Braden is now a vicious terrier with the power and the knowhow to cripple an over-eager fan with a hunk bashing fantasy. For a while, Meat defies Braden's instruction to submit, until the bodybuilder pries him out of the corner by the same pec claw and parades him around the ring, making him scream in agony. "Next time I say 'give,' YOU GIVE" Braden barks like a drill sergeant.

Seeing Braden Charron on the giving end of an absolute demolition over a big, beefy powerhouse has been a long time coming. It's taken years of humiliating defeats and a single-minded devotion to transforming his fantasyman physique into an unstoppable wrecking ball. He's every bit as pretty as ever, but just ask Meat what he thinks of Braden's mastery of the pro wrestling ring, as he lies flat on his back staring up at the bodybuilder's flexing muscles and packed posing briefs towering over him! Braden's every bit as massive and powerful and devastating as he looks.

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Braden breaks Meat across his big, broad shoulders with a spine-warping torture rack.

The boulder-sized biceps of Braden squeeze, crush, and torture the rookie in a bearhug.

Meat dangles in the ropes, clinging desperately to his bodyscissors, as Braden battles free.

Meat finds his bald head ground in the vise-like grip of Braden's tree trunk thighs.

Meat battles back from the corner with a powerful bodyscissors that stops Braden in his tracks.

Braden stretches the big, beefy rookie Meat out with a brutal, grinding bodyscissors.

Meat: 5'9, 195 lbs of beef

Meat proves he doesn't have what it takes as he climbs the cliff facing of Charron's chiseled bod.

Meat's back bows under Braden's weight as he throws up a double bicep flex in the camel clutch.

Big, burly Braden's thick arms carry Meat up and over for a ring-shaking bodyslam.

The beefy muscle of Meat is hoisted, carried, and crushed in a brutal bearhug from Braden.

Meat lies whimpering and trembling on the mat as Braden shows off his competition-ready bod.

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