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  Kenny Starr vs. Buck 'Wildcard' Carter

Kenny Starr: 5'9, 175 lbs

Buck Carter looks to demolish Kenny Starr's shredded core with a reverse bearhug.

The hallmark of the storied Catch Weight series: The big man poses over a broken, little prettyboy.

Another hallmark of Catch Weight wrestling: The smaller stud crushes the muscled monster underfoot.

Starr's shoulder blades snap back as he struggles to survive in Buck's big bearhug.

Buck has underestimated the sexy Starr for the last time as his neck is crunched in the full nelson.

Heart of a Champion

Ready for some heaving, sweaty fun? Breakout stars Kenny and Buck, both here in their third BGE appearance, take on each other in one of our most intriguing pairings. Kenny's built like a decathlete, while Buck's stacked broad and thick like a powerlifter. Place your bets, gentlemen, because money's to be made here if you can predict how this face-off ends. It's shark versus squid, or gorilla versus leopard, or eagle versus badger. Each wrestler has natural assets that could give him the edge he needs to beat the other guy. Everything depends on each man's ability to parlay his particular physique into a mat victory.

Both men have proved their mettle in previous matches at BG East. Starr has speed and self-confidence on his side and an eight-pack core that looks like it could repel javelins. What Buck's got goes beyond mere confidence all the way to don't-give-a-fuck arrogance. His marble-column thighs should be registered as lethal weapons, especially deadly in a body scissors hold. As our match opens, neither man looks particularly daunted by the other. Kenny thinks nothing of elbowing Buck away from the mirror that absorbs both athletes' attention at the start. With one hand, Buck brushes off Kenny, who ricochets off the wall to drive his elbow to Carter's ribs.

"It's all about heart of a champion," Carter drawls, while snapping his side chest pose into place, "one thing you don't know anything about." Kenny presses his luck and pushes the strongman one too many times. Buck scoops him up and drops his lower back hard against one knee. The pretty boy springs back to his feet like nothing happened and launches himself into the man-boulder. A solid bearhug stops Kenny in his tracks. Buck dangles him off the mat like a pendant. In seconds, the veins pop on Starr's forehead and neck, and the expression on his face looks like he's swallowing a grapefruit whole.

Carter drops the heartthrob to writhe on the mat, and pounces on him with unexpected speed and grace, wrenching Kenny's left arm back and up to the shoulder blades. He gives his opponent a good rough-handling, pulling Starr's hair and snapping the guy's joints in directions they aren't designed to take. Deftly, Kenny pushes Buck's face away and sharp-elbow jabs him in the ribs, making a clean and feisty escape, seemingly as fresh as before, except for a few flattering streaks of sweat on his rippling shoulders.

The back and forth is surprisingly lively and intense. By the match's midpoint, both fighters are looking strong, but the wear and tear is beginning to show itself. They are winded and slippery with sweat. Buck chokes Kenny out with a sidelock sleeper hold, saying, "Goodnight, Swimmer," alluding to Starr's classic swimmer's physique. He claims his victory by planting a foot on Starr's chest and striking a double biceps pose. He resumes his assaults before his opponent has a chance to recover, putting Kenny in a dangerous bind for the next five minutes. Then, with amazing pluck, Kenny succeeds in shoving Buck off with both feet and springs into action with a boner and a daring plan for ripping Carter's thick legs from their sockets. Nobody here is sure how that works out, dazzled as we all were by Starr's beauteous bulge.

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Kenny Starr vs. Buck 'Wildcard' Carter
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Kenny finds his chiseled muscled crumbling as Buck's beefy muscle bears down.

Kenny's ripped body flexes to the max in a bid to escape Carter's crushing bear trap scissors.

Buck dials up the humiliation on his helpless, headscissored victim with a spanking.

Buck controls Kenny from both head and tail with a full-weighted headscissors.

Kenny clutches at his brutalized bulge, trying to roll to safety as Carter charges in to finish him.

Kenny pushes up off the mat as he seeks to put big Buck down and out with a headscissors.

Buck 'Wildcard' Carter: 5'10, 240 lbs

Carter cranks back with a vicious chickenwing hold on his pinned, prostrated prettyboy.

Buck slaps at his marble column quads to intensify the pressure of his crushing headscissors.

Kenny proves his mettle against a flattened Carter with a humbling, grounded surfboard.

Starr's backside is just as beauteous as his frontside as Carter wedges his trunks up his ass.

Carter proves time and time again that bigger, bulging muscles ALWAYS wins out.

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