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  Z-Man vs. Kelly King & Joey King

Z-Man: 5'9", 200 lbs

Legs lifted and spread: Z-Man is helpless against Joey's big boot to his chiseled core.

Z-Man's muscles are impressively impotent facing the might of the royal cousins.

Z-Man finds himself a sacrifice for the Kings, kneeling and choked over the ropes.

Z-Man is desperate to turn the tide against the cousins as he muscles free of Joey's bearhug.

Joey saves his cousin's hide and stomps and tramples the disrespectful Z-Man into the ropes.

"Let's Play by the Rules"

A three-way battle can be a tricky business, and alliances are inevitable, but unfortunately for Z-Man, this time they're guaranteed. Cousins Kelly and Joey King seem to have settled their differences since their last showdown in the ring (Heel Bash 2), and now they are setting out on a new venture as a tag team. The pair seem confident of victory as their opponent, Z-Man, makes his entrance... alone.

It seems Z-Man's partner had an "unfortunate accident" mere hours before the match; perhaps the Kings have developed a winning strategy for this new run as a duo. But Z-Man never backs down from a fight. Beneath those model good looks beats the heart of a warrior, and he shows no fear as he squares up against two men who could each prove his equal in the ring. The Kings are a little surprised to hear Z-Man intends to take them both on alone, but obviously aren't that worried about their chances -- and you can hardly blame them. Seconds into the match and you can see Z-Man has his hands full with just one of the King cousins.

Jockeying for position with Kelly to start, Z-Man gives as good as he gets. Arms are torqued, holds are locked in, only to be slipped out of. But with a cousin watching Kelly's back, you know it's only a matter of time before the rulebook goes right out the window. When Z-Man finally gets the big man screaming in pain, it's takes just a second for Joey to hop in and blindside Z-Man crashing him hard to the mat and leaving him at Kelly's mercy.

The cousins rinse and repeat as they 'tag' each other in and out, always bringing in the fresh man before they can tire themselves enough to slip up. Z-Man is fighting a losing battle as his toned, flawless body absorbs a beating that would leave weaker men lying senseless on the mat. Each time one King walks away for a respite, a battered Z-Man drags himself up off the mat to face his well-rested cousin opponent and a new onslaught.

Despite his fading faculties, Z-Man has his plan. As he hangs limp in the corner, with Kelly King gloating over a beaten and sagging opponent, Z-Man springs the trap, launching a surprise offensive with everything he has left. Kelly suffers long and hard as Z-Man takes shocking control of the match, while Joey shouts at his partner to quit goofing off. Z-Man's wits, stamina, and iron will might win the day, but Joey finally has enough of Z-Man's comeback and abandons any remaining pretense of fair play.

With both men in the ring, Z-Man's fate is all but sealed. With no more fear of another surprise comeback, the Kings each have their fun demolishing the muscled prettyboy. Z-Man takes enough pounding in the remainder of this match to finish lesser men many times over, and he may well be finished himself, but the cousins don't seem to care. There's little concern for pins, just for pain, seeing how badly they can batter and beat the groaning, twitching stud before they tire of proving their point: that anyone who challenges the Kings is making a big mistake.

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Z-Man vs. Kelly King & Joey King
27 minutes

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Joey is shown how it's done, as Kelly forces Z-Man to stare at his own pained expression in the mirr

Kelly crushes Z-Man in a camel clutch as Joey looks on, ready to hop in at a moment's notice.

A convergence of Kings: A helpless Z-Man is trapped and tortured in no-man's land.

Z-Man suffers for the Kings' pleasure with an armbar variation as Joey watches.

Long live the King!? Z-Mans rear naked choke brings a gasping, red-faced Kelly to his knees.

As if Kelly's torture rack wasn't bad enough, Z-Man endures a neck wrenching hold from Joey.

Kelly King (5'10", 210 lbs) and Joey King (5'8", 190 lbs)

Kelly shows Z-Man he isn't worthy to be in the ring with the Kings with a boot-choke in the ropes.

The two kings flex and celebrate their handiwork over a beaten, broken musclestud.

A feast fit for Kings: Kelly and Joey celebrate a jobber well done in a writhing musclehunk.

Kelly finds himself beaten and trampled in the turnbuckle as Z-Man takes control.

Z-Man's chiseled, crushed body proves little more than a doormat for the burly, brutal King cousins.

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