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  Luke Reel vs. Ash DeLeon vs. Kayden Keller*

Ash DeLeon: 5'8, 160 lbs

Ash's ally Kayden Keller: 6'2, 175 lbs

Kayden serves the jobber up on a silver platter to a salivating Ash with a kneeling torture rack.

Kayden nods in approval as Ash's inventive backbreaking chinlock submission has Luke in pain.

Ash and Keller focus again on each other and lock lips over the gagged, ko'd jobber.

Ash's rear-naked choke isn't enough as Luke is forced to choke on the top heel's bulge too.

The View from the Top

Success can be a double-edged sword. The higher you climb, the more you're noticed by those at the top. Ash DeLeon turned plenty of heads with his brutal yet calculated, gut-focused destruction of Kenny Star's marvelously lean, muscled body. Rookie Ash is fast trying to prove himself a true heel, meant to make men suffer like the best of the BGE heel roster. But with that fame comes scrutiny, and it wasn't long before the Boss decided to put this budding heel to the test. And mastermind Kid Leopard slyly delegates this task to a tried and true heel.

Enter Kayden Keller, a man as intimately familiar with the art of destruction as with the Boss' tastes for torture. This is certainly not Kayden's first encounter with young Ash, having made something of a protege out of the aspiring heel in recent months. He has the perfect test in mind. Little Luke Reel recently also managed to catch Kayden's attention, and while the scrappy rookie was ultimately putty in Kayden's hands, the heel knows this jobber has fight in him. He also knows Ash doesn't just need a punching bag, but a challenge.

Kayden inspects his protege, helping Ash slip out of his robe before letting him in on the upcoming match. DeLeon has undergone a transformation since his debut, becoming more leanly muscled, with biceps like baseballs and abs you might bruise your knuckles on. Kayden's hands slide slowly and sensuously across every curve and contour, every hard line of his charge. He knows this stud will become a real monster one day, but for now, Keller has him well in hand. Ash struggles to keep his mind on the match Kayden's set up, and not the massage. Ash feigns insult as Luke appears: this obvious jobber has no chance! Kayden smiles and asks if DeLeon would care to demonstrate his tolerance for punishment before he locks up with Luke. Ash, always proud of his iron core, doesn't hesitate.

As Kayden's fists and then knees methodically pound away on Ash's unflinching midsection, the young heel barely conceals the impact of those body blows. Almost winded, Ash agrees to one more hit before he takes on Luke. With a wicked smile spreading across his face, Kayden rams a knee right to Ash's ample bulge.

Ash crumples to his knees but Kayden hauls him back to his feet in a full nelson, offering Luke several free shots as a further handicap. Keller's lessons are harsh, and Ash is in for a rough day of schooling. Luke and Kayden take turns abusing the rookie heel's midsection, and finally Luke is turned loose to inflict any punishment he chooses, wrangling Ash into several excruciating holds, only for Keller to toss him aside to demonstrate the "proper" way to inflict maximum pain, with Ash as his practice dummy.

Once Kayden is satisfied with his protégé's "handicap" he steps back, declaring the match on, and finally giving Ash free reign to turn the tables -- and show why he's earned such agonizing attention. Without Kayden's help, Luke finds it's Ash's turn to abuse and use. But the role of BG heel isn't merely punishment. No, Ash has much to learn, and Kayden is more than willing to demonstrate on little Luke.

Before the end of this hour-long match, Luke Reel is stripped, beaten, and toyed with in ways he's scarcely dreamed of. From torture racks to choking hazards, Kayden shows Ash just how many ways a heel can wring every last drop of pain and pleasure from the object of his attentions. Ash learns he has a long way to go to the top, and Luke learns just how much humiliation he's able to swallow.

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Luke Reel vs. Ash DeLeon vs. Kayden Keller*
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A twist of fate finds Ash full nelsoned and offered up as meat for the jobber to pound on.

Kayden circles the two studs like a great white as Luke's camel clutch puts Ash in his place.

Luke kneels as witness to a master's class in domination as Kayden's boot crushes Ash's crotch.

Luke watches his would-be heel suffer in Kayden's ball-clawing Boston crab.

Make a wish!: Luke is spladled wiiiide as Ash does diamond pushups on his bulge.

Caught from both ends, the heels effortlessly control the jock-strapped jobberboy.

Luke Reel: 5'2, 145 lbs

Ash puts his softball-sized biceps up for his heel-mentor's approval and admiration.

Ash clutches at his bulge as Luke takes his place atop the heel-in-training in a crotch-to-face pin.

Kayden brings the jobber's suffering to a close (or is it just the beginning?) with a kiss of death.

Luke laid out on the mat at the mercy (and the feet) of the heel and his sadomasochistic trainee.

Keller is clearly pleased and delighted as he watches Ash scissor the jocked jobber into oblivion.

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