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  Calvin Haynes vs. Mason Brooks*

Calvin Haynes: 5'9", 200 lbs

Mason has a reputation to protect against the less-seasoned Calvin as he reverse schoolboys the stud

Calvin leans way back as he snatches Mason's sweat-soaked body off his feet in a big bearhug.

Calvin seeks to prove the mastery of his power over Mason's skill in a flexing schoolboy.

Calvin plops his rank, sweat-soaked crotch in Mason's face in a crotch-clawing reverse schoolboy.

Mason flexes in his controlling bodyscissor, rear choke combo to put Calvin to rest.

Get a Good Whiff: Sweat, Armpits, Action

The day began so innocently, just two friends out for a morning run. Needless to say, Calvin works hard to keep himself in top form, and what better motivation during his daily ritual than none other than Mason Brooks tagging along. Mason is many a wrestler's fantasy, and now it's Calvin's turn to share in this particular dream. Brooks is looking better than ever, his long, lean body showing more muscle than we've seen from him before. And to go with it, he has the skill to make the toughest men his playthings.

If you know these two, a 'friendly' workout isn't far from a little 'friendly competition'. Fresh from a sun-soaked marathon cardio session, both men slick with sweat, it doesn't take long to find an excuse to put their hands on each other's shining muscles. First the debate is who worked the hardest, then who sweat the most, and finally who needs a shower the worst.

The playful ribbing quickly leads to a little shove, and that's all the spark Calvin needs to set off his aggressive side. Forcing Mason up against a wall, he dares him to take in the scent of a real man. Brooks is never one to back down from a challenge, and in an instant both studs are breaking a sweat again as they tussle and toss each other to the mats to make the man on the bottom admit he can't take the heat (or the smell).

It's power vs skill as Calvin relies on brute force to muscle Mason to the ground while Brooks is always ready with another sly maneuver that slips him free of Calvin's grip, and locks the bigger man in a punishing hold. Each wrestler adds humiliation on top of agony. Crotches are sniffed and pits are whiffed! Headscissors with the face tucked firmly up against the bulge, and schoolboy pins with such forceful grinding: you can't help noticing both men are into the action in more ways than one.

This match is a dead heat nearly all the way, but these boys are already beat from hours working under the sun, and before long one wrestler's stamina takes a nosedive as he gets a noseful of pecs, pits, and biceps veritably dripping with sweat. Mason may be a force to be reckoned with on the mats, but Calvin is determined to make this his day. Will Haynes' dream come true: will he mop the mats with a seasoned fixture of BG East? Or is reality about to come crashing down on him? In the end, one wrestler has his way and the other is submitted, soaked, and sent to the showers to clean himself up, even if it won't wash away the smell of defeat.

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Spotlight: Calvin Haynes*


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Calvin Haynes vs. Mason Brooks*
36 minutes

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The two raunchy wrestlers lock up and scrap on the mats of BGEast to prove who's the alpha.

Mason battles for control of the action with the big boy in a groin-stretching spladle.

Calvin clutches at his brutalized groin as Mason locks down his bucking bronco beefcake in a spladle

Trapped in a punishing bodyscissors, Mason clutches at Calvin as Calvin clutches at his bulge.

Calvin's broad back drips with man sweat as he divests Mason of his baby blue trunks.

Calvin leans back, letting his beefy muscle say all that needs to be said with a headscissors.

Mason Brooks: 5'9, 160 lbs

A wedgied Mason claws weakly as the brute force of Calvin crushes the fight from him in a bearhug.

The Thinking Man's Wrestler locks down the beefcake prettyboy with a ball-clawing headscissors.

Covered in sweat, Calvin clamps and crushes Mason with a brutalizing bodyscissors.

A shamed, stripped Mason tries to hide his face as Calvin muscles him around the mats.

A sweat-soaked stripped Mason lays writhing in pain on the mat as Calvin closes in for more.

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