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  Brute Baynard vs. Flash LaCash

Brute Baynard: 5'10, 210 lbs.

Brute looks to turn Flash's world upside down with an upending hook between his legs.

Brute tries to escape to the ropes as Flash closes in from behind with a debilitating eye gouge.

Brute's big legs spread wide, his crotch covered as Flash brings down a big boot.

Flash delights in having the bigger Brute under control with a fishhook to the nose in a chinlock.

Brute finds himself in trouble, fading against his ertswhile partner with a rear naked choke.

Down and Dirty Fighting

Flash LaCash and Brute Baynard are two prime specimens of alpha male wrestling, sporting layers of rippling muscle across their massive frames and attitudes that guarantee when they step in a ring, they aren't leave until someone is lying beaten and broken on the canvas. The pair seem like perfect tag partners, Flash the troublemaker willing to do anything to win, and Brute the beast both willing and able to dish out any punishment necessary to put his opponent down for the count. It's no wonder the boss ordered them to team up for their latest bout, wanting to see just what the two bulls can come up with when they put their heads together and what glorious destruction that can wreak on their opponents. But perhaps it was too potent a combination, because when the time comes for the match to start, their opponents are nowhere to be seen.

It seems the hapless team the boss scheduled to square off against these two beasts opted to run and hide rather than face the inevitable punishment at Brute and Flash's hands. But simply scaring off the competition won't satisfy Brute, he was sent here to wrestle, and he's not leaving until he's ground someone under his boot. Flash is by far the more casual of the two, having come for the fun of crushing some outmatched opponents, but when Brute gets in his face about his lack of motivation and proper gear, mouths off as tempers flare, and it's only a matter of moments before the first fists fly.

Brute drops Flash hard and fast, shutting the cocky joker up with painfully targeted destruction of each and every limb and digit. Flash may have the muscle to nearly match Brute in strength, but he's still writhing in pain clutching at each knee, elbow, and finger Brute's boot stomps into the mat. The bigger bully is out to prove who'll be at the top of the pecking order in this tag team, and soon has LaCash choking over the ropes. "Too easy," Baynard laughs as he looks down at Flash's feeble struggles.

Brute blends technical skill and dirty tactics as he locks Flash in a succession of inescapable holds only to add injury to insult by gouging Flash's eyes and fish-hooking his mouth, earning a less than clean submission and leaving LaCash moaning on the mat. But the troublemaker isn't down for the count and as Brute closes in again, Flash comes back with his own eye-raking attack leaving Brute reeling and blinded, swinging wildly and missing by a mile. Flash takes his time and slugs Brute again and again, pounding him into the corner, dragging him back out, choking him out, and blinding him again with another eye gouge.

Brute is hurting bad as Flash locks a rib-crushing bodyscissors on the blind bully, but the muscled beast won't go down easy, or at all if he can help it. Flash is lifted clear off the mat despite his hold and slammed hard to the turnbuckles. Brute is back in control in an instant, and Flash for all his muscle, skill, and tricks, is taking a beating again, now from a newly enraged fellow heel. Nearly blacking out with his skull crushed in Brute's vice-like clawhold, LaCash weakly taps out his second submission of the match.

Both men are far from done, and the dirty fighting only escalates form here. Bulging muscles land bigger blows as both pull out all the stops to take their opponent down for good. More face-raking sneak attacks have both men fighting half blind, and the latter half of the match nearly devolves into an almost exclusively focused ball-busting test of endurance. Chests are heaving, sweat is dripping, and legs are trembling as each man's package soaks up more punishment, until one is lifted right off the mat when his opponent's arm comes up between his legs with all the strength the bull wrestler can muster, leaving the target gagging on the mat with his tormentor standing over him, "I really didn't want to have to do that."

The blows both these bad men suffer in the final minutes of this match will have you wondering if they'll be walking straight, or even walking at all, for a week. But each wrestler is as skilled as he is brutal, and more technical holds open up opponents for more cheap and dirty shots as the fight drags on. In the end, with 2 marvelously muscled specimens like this, it comes down to sheer strength, and one man has the last of the fight left in him literally crushed out of his body in a prolonged, rib-snapping bear hug. But the winner isn't satisfied with the final submission, and more crushing holds and powerful slams leave one competitive heel lying unconscious and twitching in the ring by the time the true top dog of this team decides he's had enough.

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Brute Baynard vs. Flash LaCash
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Brute traps and crushes Flash in the turnbuckle with a stump pulling, headlock submission.

Flash is helpless against Brute's back-bending assault over the ropes in a rear chinlock.

Flash agonizes as Brute utilizes the ring ropes to brutalize Flash's crotch in a rack attack.

Flash's back is bent as he's bound in the ropes and arched in Brute's rear chinlock.

Flash struggles to work his legs around Brute's bulky upper body in a leg nelson.

Brute works a crippling figure-four leglock, intent on finishing Flash off for good.

Flash LaCash: 5'11, 200 lbs.

The big, bad Brute is bashed and broken under the brutal boot stomp of Flash LaCash.

The two sweat-soaked titans are locked up midring with Flash trapped in a bearhug.

Brute's power-packed midsection exposed to Flash's blistering ab-bashing attack.

Brute flexes and powers hard, lifting his smaller opponent up and over for a ring-rattling slam.

Brute works at breaking Flash down with a load-bearing knee to his spine in a back bending chinlock.

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