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  Kayden Keller vs. Brendan Byers

Kayden Keller: 6'2, 205 lbs

Kayden announces the end of Brendan with a neck-crunching tombstone piledriver.

Kayden flexes another bicep over a prostrated, figure-four headscissored Brendan.

Kayden muscles the "bigger, better Brendan Byers" into a half nelson choke over the ring ropes.

Brendan grasps and pulls at Kayden's arm in a desperate bid to escape the backbending submission.

Keller finds himself in trouble, ridden by Brendan as he uses his own trunks to choke him out.

Bigger is Better

Sexiest Match 2019
Brendan Byers has taken the BGE roster by storm since his return to the ring. After a several year hiatus, the former jobber who once suffered crushing defeats at the hands of legends like Brooklyn Bodywrecker and Cole Cassidy has come back packing an extra 40 pounds of pure muscle and calling himself "the bigger, better Brendan Byers." And it's hard to argue with his assertions. He sent the would-be Assassin running for the hills in his first match back, and though the "Trophy Boy" Ty Alexander pushed him a lot harder, the fellow former jobber tested Byers' patience as much as his strength and skill. Now, Byers is looking to sink his teeth into something more substantial, a real test of his new might, to finally cast off the memory of bygone days when the final bell would see him sprawled out defeated at center ring. Now he's set his sights high: Byers wants Kayden Keller.

When Brendan first approached the BGE with this latest challenge, even the Boss couldn't predict the outcome. A newly muscled-up jobber taking his first strides as a heel against a man who's crushed numerous budding wrestling under his own boots? Anything might happen, but what's certain is we'll see every brutalizing second of it. Brendan might have the clear size advantage in this one, but Kayden is no pushover, having turned the tables on heavyweights in the past. But even Keller's puffed up ego might be just a little shaken by the sight of the man waiting for him in the ring. When he asks where the "twig of a jobber named Brendan" is hiding, his opponent doesn't miss a beat. "I'm the bigger, better Brendan Byers."

After more than a lingering glance roving over each others' bodies, with Brendan more than happy to flex a muscle or four for Kayden's viewing pleasure, Byers makes the first move, coming off the ropes with a shoulder tackle that would put most men on the mat. But Kayden won't go down so easy and takes it with barely a stumble, coming back with his own tackle... only for Byers to barely shudder at the impact. Both men come in again, hard, fighting for the early advantage. Kayden is the first to buckle under the mounting pressure of all that muscle as Byers forces him back to the corner, then proceeds to tear into his trapped opponent. The new Brendan's ferocity is on full display as he piles on the damage. Kayden is slammed, choked, worked from corner to corner and suffers blows to his head, back, and balls.

But Kayden refuses to quit, and kicks out of not one, but two pin attempts by the burly Brendan. Keller is hurting, but he senses the big man starting to lose steam, and seizes his chance to strike. Hard hits to the body and then face have Brendan reeling, and before he can catch himself Kayden drops him hard to the canvas and pulls Byers into a devastating camel clutch. But Keller has underestimated the sheer strength of the new Brendan Byers, and far from a submission, Kayden finds the bigger man actually managing to lift him off the mat despite the hold and slam him back to the corner. Kayden is in for another world of hurt as Byers makes the ring his weapon in an effort to break his opponent: a suplex and a Boston crab that nearly folds Kayden in half finally clinching the first fall for Byers when Keller is forced to submit!

But the big man is far from finished... nor is Kayden. Picked up and tossed back to the corner, Kayden dodges another devastating attack and promptly throws the rulebook out the window in an effort to climb back on top. Byers is doubled over by a surprise low blow, his face repeatedly slammed into the mat. Kayden's elbows spike off his head, even his hands are trampled and stomped as Kayden works to debilitate his overpowering opponent. A long and brutal beating that sees Brendan take a fist or boot to nearly every inch of his muscled frame finally ties these men up at one submission each.

The finale of this match will have you on the edge until the final seconds. Byers and Keller wrest control back from each other time and again, both dripping with sweat and gasping for breath, aching from the punishment they've endured. When one man finally drops the other in a devastating tombstone, some cockiness flows back into his battered body... and it couldn't come at a worse time. One false pin later and the would-be winner sees his fortunes change quickly when he tries to drag his bruised and battered opponent to his feet, only for the man playing possum to knock most of the remaining fight out of the cocky chump. The final minutes of this match are an exercise in brutality as the near winner is instead humiliated and beaten beyond any chance of a comeback. A revenge tombstone seals the deal, but the barely conscious victim is hauled to his feet for one more. The final bell sees one man sprawled helpless in the center of the ring, thoroughly destroyed. As if there were any doubt by now of the victor's dominance, the match closes on a shot of him tossing his wasted opponent over his shoulder, carried off for a little more "fun" this night.

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Kayden Keller vs. Brendan Byers
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Brendan intends to prove himself to the fans and Kayden as he carts the heel round the ring.

Kayden pushes up off of the mats with a skull-crushing headscissors to put Brendan back in his place

Kayden continues to ground and debilitate Brendan with a crippling crotch claw.

Kayden takes control of Brendan, bending him over the ropes and seizing a handful of his manhood.

Brendan splits Kayden's legs wide as he squats over his face for the roll up pin.

The ring shakes as Brendan carries Kayden up and over for a big suplex.

Brendan Byers: 6'2, 230 lbs

Kayden celebrates with a single bicep flex over a broken, beaten, trampled Brendan.

Brendan finds himself temporarily in familiar territory, floored and beaten under a posing opponent.

Brendan bends Kayden until he breaks across his broad shoulders in a torture rack.

Brendan drags a beaten, stripped Kayden up off of the mats by his hair for more abuse.

A jock-strapped Kayden gets a faceful of the "bigger, better Brendan" as he kneels before him.

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