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  Gunner Baer vs. Guido Genatto

Gunner Baer: 5'11, 220 lbs

Dropped in the corner, Gunner bends back over the ropes with Guido's big knee across his throat

When Gunner wakes he'll find his dreams of besting Guido will be just that: dreams

The hunky heel is brought low, flat on the mat as Guido kneels contemptuously atop him

Big bad Guido brings all his considerable bulk to bear as he brings Baer down with a rear choke

A backbreaking scorpion hold may spell the end for Baer as he reaches desperately for the ropes

Breaking Out the Hard Stuff

Beautiful bodybuilder Gunner Baer is an all-American hero in red, white, and blue trunks. He is a study in contrasts. Gunner's cherubic face seems mismatched to his magnificently muscled body. He embodies both innocence and dangerousness. Gunner's wrestling career is still at the fledgling stage, but he wrestles with the calm confidence of a veteran. He has been on both sides of extremely lopsided contests, displaying both stumbling inexperience and cunning ring savvy. He has struggled to hit his stride so far, posting inconsistent results against a variety of opponents. However, Gunner is determined to come of age before our eyes as a brutal, baby face beefcake to be both desired and feared.

Guido Genatto, on the other hand, emerged from the womb as a fully-formed, sadistic bastard, and he's never looked back. The hulking, hairy, heel has left a trail of bloodied, bruised, and broken bodies in his wake here at BG East and on the indy pro circuits. There's nothing subtle or nuanced about Guido. He has just one gear, and that is full-throttle ramming speed. His respect for another man plummets the moment he makes the mistake of risking life and limb by climbing into Guido's web.

"Hey, pal, this ain't about posing right now," Guido snarls, offended to catch Gunner flexing in the mirror. With preternatural aplomb, Gunner pumps his bulging biceps, proving that he won't be provoked by the loudmouthed bully. "I think it's pretty damn funny you want to come here and test your abilities against me," Guido snaps humorlessly.

It's Guido's idea to get the ball rolling with a classic test of strength. Determined to heap contempt on the boy wonder's peaked biceps and bulging veins, Guido drives Gunner to his knees, shoving his hairy pecs into the kid's face. "Take a look at that," Guido demands.

As powerful as Gunner is, he's simply no match for the rage and ruin Guido pours down on him. Pummeled from corner to corner, the heel daddy tenderizes his opponent's ample beef. Forearms and stomps to his smooth, glistening muscles leave Gunner dazed and flat-footed from the start. Guido tosses and slams the 220 pound muscle boy like he's a practice dummy. Body scissors crush the air out of Gunner's lungs and threaten to crack his ribs. It's all going according to Guido's diabolically simple plan to pound one more victim to a pulp.

From out of nowhere, Gunner catches Big Daddy by surprise. On instinct alone, Gunner snaps on his patent-pending Baer-hug, literally growling with fury as he shockingly lifts Guido off his feet. Raw power wrings the snark and snarl out of the hairy heel. When Gunner's guns have crushed him long enough to silence Guido's villainous running monologue, the muscle boy throws him to the mat with contempt. "Now, it's time for posing," Gunner announces with authority, flashing a mouthwatering side chest pose as Guido literally crawls away in shock.

Guido is determined to obliterate the memory of his momentary humbling. "So, you've got some fucking moves," Guido uncharacteristically acknowledges his opponent's skill. "That's it, now I have to break out the hard stuff!" The hard stuff includes every high impact power move on record. He muscles Gunner into a camel clutch, positioning the muscle boy's throat across the bottom rope for that much more torture. Guido softens him up in the middle with knees to the gut and a crushing over-the-knee backbreaker, bending the kid in the wrong direction until Gunner whimpers and cries, "No more, NO MORE!"

"I thought you came here for a fight," Guido rages in his face. "I thought you were a formidable opponent!" Just the possibility that Gunner might have the audacity to remember the moment he left Big Daddy humiliated and on his knees, Guido wraps his massive arms across the Gunner's throat and chokes him into unconsciousness. But Guido is far from satisfied, slapping his would-be muscle challenger awake to start the brutal hunkbash all over again.

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Gunner Baer vs. Guido Genatto
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Baer's beautiful bulging body is ground into the mat under the weight of Genatto's knees

Gunner may have to tap out in submission as Guido works a gnarly, joint-wrecking armbar

Guido won't rest until Gunner is completely bashed and broken in a back-breaking bow-and-arrow

Gunner arches in agony, trying to escape as Guido locks on a crippling leglock submission hold

Guido wraps Gunner with a figure four headscissors and uses the ropes to increase the pressure

Gunner is bent and broken, pushed and pulled with Guido's boots in his face

Guido Genatto: 5'10, 235 lbs

Dirty heel and boy wonder grind their pecs together in a test of strength in our opening Hunkbash

Gunner gets the drop on the big burly heel, cranking back hard in a neck-cracking camel clutch

Gunner's big arms sap the life from the dirty daddy, breaking him down with a textbook sleeper

The patriotic pretty boy leans back, wrecking the black-clad heel with a single-leg boston

Guido utilizes the ropes to ratchet up the pressure in his crippling camel clutch variation on Baer

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