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  Biff Farrell vs. Damien Rush

Biff Farrell: 5'7, 190 lbs

Biff is brutally bent and broken under Damien's massive muscle in a chinlocking camel clutch

Damien crushes Biff's mouthwatering muscle mercilessly in a suspended reverse bearhug

The hunky hairy heel flexes a big, double bicep flex over the smooth, wasted babyface

Damien watches Biff tresed up in the ring ropes, trapped like a fly in the spider's web

Biff blubbers brokenly, his spine crushed into the ring post with a surfboard variation

Empires Rise and Fall

The many fans familiar with Damien Rush and Biff Farrell will be unsurprised to see them starring in a hunkbash. More suspenseful, however, may be discovering which of these mouthwatering muscle hunks is bashed, and which one does the bashing!

Damien and Biff have both been on the receiving end of horrific humiliation in the ring. They both started their wrestling careers full of promise and power and crowd pleasing aesthetic charm, only to find themselves debased and demeaned. Damien has been digging himself out of a deep, dark jobber hole for several years. The little rich boy was initially unaccustomed to being unable to buy his way to the top. When relying on daddy's wealth and the family pedigree earned him nothing but worse defeats, Damien began to invest more wisely. His private wrestling coach, personal trainer, and full-time nutritionist have enabled Damien to pack on extravagantly thick, luscious muscle. Lately, he has emerged as a diabolically devastating rising heel, and nothing quite soothes the memories of humiliations past like putting a member of the unwashed masses in his rightful place, namely squirming helplessly under Damien's wrestling boot.

Blue-collar Biff has arrived at a similar crossroads in his career, but coming from the opposite direction. Biff is accustomed to working for everything he calls his own, including his gorgeously muscled and perfectly proportioned physique. The blond, blue-eyed boy-next-door has lovingly crafted his devastatingly powerful body hour by hour, year by year, and pound by pound. This baby face beefcake fully expected the wrestling world to fall at his feet when he first arrived. But there's always someone bigger and badder waiting in the ring, and Biff's plan to reap the rewards of hard work in the gym and on the mats have largely been squashed underfoot. His patience has grown thinner, his temper has grown hotter, and he has lately developed a taste for licking the tears off of a weeping opponent.

As is his fashion, Damien monologues like a Bond villain when he finds Biff admiring his own award winning physique in the mirror. "Well, what do we have here," Damien asks rhetorically, not waiting for an answer. "A true American. Representing your country. Well, let me tell you something about empire, little man," Damien snarls. "Empires rise and fall. Damien Rush remains eternal!"

Damien approaches, flexing his gargantuan arms and towering over his smaller opponent. Hairy, huge, and glistening with sweat, twink-no-more Damien shockingly dwarfs the competition bodybuilder in front of him. "So, what you're saying is that you think you look better than me," Biff bats his baby blues and snaps his bulging biceps to attention defiantly. "I'm not saying that I look better than you," Damien shoves his mountainous pecs into Biff's face. "I'm saying that I AM better than you!"

The temperature rises slowly, as both supremely self-confident muscle enthusiasts arm wrestle for bragging rights. Add another arm wrestling defeat to Damien's long list of ring humiliations. "That's not possible," the petulant blue-blood bitches. He launches a sucker attack, bouncing off the ropes to clothesline the blond beauty, but Biff ducks, snapping on a breathtaking full nelson. Damien's hot, hairy torso squirms as he tries to muscle free, but he finds no joy. "It's all about the power, boy," Biff crows, savoring the taste of the raging bull impotent in his arms.

Speaking of sudden impotence, Damien resets the clock with a savage blow to big Biff's swinging balls. Damien targets the bodybuilder's washboard abs with claws and elbow strikes. Biff is rocked hard, squeaking like a dog toy as he's dropped brutally into an over-the-knee backbreaker and gut bashed relentlessly. Damien pauses to pump his peaked right bicep. "Now that's a real bicep flex!"

With power pitted against power, one bulging muscle man is put in his place decisively, mercilessly, and relentlessly. "You want me to let go," the rising hunkbasher asks. "Let me see you flex!" Dripping with sweat and tears, one of these fan favorite muscle hunks is forced to flex, muscle by muscle, in increasingly humiliating submission holds. "I want to see that double bicep harder," the sadistic master demands locking down a figure-4 leglock. Moments later, trapping his prey in the ropes, the muscle bully barks, "Now flex those quads!"

The muscle-by-muscle tour of the loser hunk's magnificent body drips with pathos. Superhuman strength is sapped, impeccably built muscles are wasted, and one swollen ego is popped like a balloon as his tormentor revels in the feel of total, unquestioned control over the beast he's tamed. "I'm flexing for you," the spent loser screams pleadingly. "I'm doing it! I'm doing it all for you!"

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Biff and Damien lock up on the mats in one of the oldest contests of strength: arm wrestling

Damien drives a big elbow into Biff's beautiful midsection in an over-the-knee backbreaker

Before this Hunkbash is over, one stud will be forced to flex in submission to his muscled master

Make a wish! Damien rips Biff's crotch torturously wide in a spladle variation

Biff and Damien try to outshine each other in a tale as old as time: beauty and the beast

Crying out, Biff gets a boot to the back as Damien stretches him out in a bow-and-arrow

Damien Rush: 5'11, 185 lbs

Damien's ridiculously muscled arms are rendered useless as Biff parades him in a full nelson

Biff bulges and bends backwards beautifully in Damien's backbreaking dragon sleeper

Biff is hoisted and shouldered, carried around the ring with his powerful body in a torture rack

Damien aims to break down every piece of Biff's body with a leg-wrecking hamstring claw

All of Damien's hard work and privilege finally paying off as he poses over the bashed hunk

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