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  Jonny Firestorm vs. Zach Reno

Jonny Firestorm: 5'5, 150 lbs

Locking up on the mats, Jonny looks eager to wrench Zach's pretty head off his shoulders

The top heel grovels in pain and in danger of being counted out at the feet of the prettyboy

Jonny sitting pretty and flexing with a celebratory bicep pose on a rolled-up Zach

Zach finds himself in the same position as most of Jonny's opponents, trampled underfoot

Jonny finds himself in danger of an upset as Zach uses a knee to choke him over the turnbuckle

A Glutton for Punishment

Jonny Firestorm is one of BG East's most supertalented superstars. He's pursued his underground wrestling career exclusively at BG East, eager to bring his diverse skills and sexy body to the company with the longest track record, where studs bring "their best wrestling". He's demanded, and received from the Boss, matches with some bigger, meaner stars -- and held his own, as he progressed from babyface to heel over an illustrious 15 of our 40 years of history.

Jonny's fans are divided between those who want him to take on much bigger opponents and those who want him to fight wrestlers his own size, more or less. Zach falls somewhere in between. He's a few inches taller, but Jonny is a fair match for him. Firestorm has a bit more ring experience and competitive spirit, differences that should prove significant in this contest. Both men are in excellent condition. "Not many people want to step into the ring with me in a last man standing match," Jonny cautions, smiling archly. This is a match that requires that the loser be completely incapacitated. There is no submission or three-count fall. One man walks away the victor; the other man is out cold. Jonny strikes a double biceps pose as if to illustrate the threat he poses to Reno's well-being.

Zach doesn't see Jonny as a threat or even as real competition, which probably does not bode well for the curly-haired Adonis. The bell sounds, and the two lock up. Jonny caps off a classic single-leg takedown with an armlock. Zach counters with a hip toss, and Jonny hits the mat with a grunt. Right off, we see these two are no posers, as if we had a doubt. These guys have backgrounds in folkstyle wrestling, and their moves are crisp, strong, and assured. Zach puts Jonny in a wristlock and jerks the arm with brutal intensity. Jonny breaks the lock and flips Zach to the mat and snaps on a straight armbar. Both men are masters of their craft, as is well illustrated in the match's first four minutes. Then, the hairpulling starts, and things get ugly fast.

It would be hard to say that this is both wrestlers' best fight ever, but it certainly looks that way to us. It's well paced with Zach and Jonny going at each other with everything they've got, which is a hell of a lot. They egg each other on with elbow digs and hard slams as if intentionally trying to summon up the brute in each other. Neither wants to go easy. Neither wants to merely go through the paces. The give and take is both exhilarating and nasty. These guys are pushing their limits. This is classic professional wrestling that you seldom see in mainstream professional wrestling these days.

About a third of the way through, Zach crosses a line when he knees Jonny in the balls. We feel bad for Jonny, but we have to say the move is executed so beautifully that it practically turns crotch-kicking into an art form. So do Jonny's agonized convulsions after the fact. Here at BG East, we have seen great fights, but some of us were slack-jawed through the rest of the brawl. It really is that fucking great! The low blow has the desired effect of breaking the rounds of give and take and gives Zach a clean lead, buying time to inflict even more damage on a significantly debilitated Jonny. Zach bares his teeth and goes for the kill. But, you know, debilitated is not a condition Jonny hangs on to for long.

Deep down you know Jonny is going to flatten Reno's balls before this fight is over. That happens around the match's halfway point. The last half cashes in on all the bad blood stirred up between these two in the first half. The contortions alone will take your breath away. Here is old-school mayhem for the twenty-first century! If you have friends who think straight-up pro wrestling isn't hot, invite them over for a look at Jonny and Zach going at it. One viewing should be enough to get the circle started.

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Zach rolls up to his feet to leave Jonny on the mat, soothing his busted nuts as he's counted out

Zach's muscular back is bent, busted, broken, and bounced across Jonny's knees

Zach is eager to pull off the win over BG's most-feared heel with a backbreaking boston crab

Zach finds himself in real trouble, airbound as he's whipped to the mat by his feet

A leg-variation cobra clutch may just spell the end for Zach and another victory for Firestorm

Zach's ripped body is bent and tortured in Jonny's torturous mexican ceiling hold

Zach Reno: 5'8, 160 lbs

It was at this point Jonny realized he'd fucked up as Zach carries him over with a bodyslam

Zach takes control of his shorter foe as he takes him up and over with a ring-shaking suplex

Jonny ensures Zach won't be the last man standing with a crippling figure-four boston variant

Jonny glares down at the fading fight of Reno with a soul-sucking, constricting cobra clutch

Jonny carries Zach around the ring with an inverted bearhug, ready to piledrive him into oblivion

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