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  Devil Devitt vs. Paul Hudson

Devil Devitt: 5'9, 170 lbs

Paul Hudson pours the pressure on Double D's ear and neck with a punishing armbar.

Paul's got the moves! A boot to the back prevents Devitt from powering out of an overlapping toehold

Devil snakes his way around Hudson, grafting one body part after another in this eye-popping hold

The Devil Devitt hoists Hudson high as a sacrifice to the wrestling gods in this suspended surfboard

And the classics too! Double D waistlocks, inverts Hudson to piledrive him mercilessly into the mat

The Devil to Pay: Double D Is Back!

Yeah, yeah, it's exactly who you think it is. Double D is back and we are delighted to re-introduce him. We first met DD during NewProWrestling's collaboration with the late, great Andre Baker and his Hammerlock UK, where Double D was trainee. We followed Devil Devitt and his partner, the marvelous Paul Tracy across the Irish sea, to see and be seen at the nascent Hammerlock Ireland which the two burgeoning talents had franchised and were developing and planning to promote. We cherish many happy memories of those early years of our brother company NewProWrestling's work with Hammerlock UK and Ireland.

Occasionally, and only very rarely, we furlough the matches of a BGE wrestler. The reason has to be very compelling. Mr. Devitt was on the verge of a hitting the heights, climbing to the pinnacle of success in professional wrestling after several years as an indie star. Being very well cognizant of professional wrestling's history of homophobia and attendant discrimination, we would not allow Mr. Devitt's BG East work to stand in the way of his dream of grasping that golden ring. Much has changed since then, including Mr. Devitt's admirable, courageous, and precedent setting embrace of LGBT Equality. We are proud to have known him then and now, and thank him wholeheartedly for being a 'mensch'.

Paul Hudson is widely regarded by all matmen, especially those with whom he has as faced off, as a force to be reckoned with - which he proved on many an occasion. The opportunity to match these two great grafters was one BG East could not possibly pass up. And Double D trained along side some of the greatest stars to come out of the UK in this century, like Zach Sabre Jr, who made his first professional appearance for NewProWrestling.

Devil Devitt and Paul Hudson exchange no words, but they open the match with a gentlemanly handshake. They trade armlocks and ankle locks until Paul puts the Irishman in a stepover toehold facelock. Often a sure submission hold, the facelock, in this case, is inadequate even at holding Devil in place. He grabs Paul by the wrist and pries the arm loose, freeing himself. Then, in a flash, he snaps a side headlock onto Hudson, grinding the head like the cap on a pickle jar. Still no exchange of words. This is going to be a tough match between two legendarily tough and resilient wrestlers. We recommend you settle in and enjoy and, if you're a wrestler yourself, watch closely to pick up a few new tricks too!

A whirlwind of give and take ensues, after which the two wrestlers stand, breathing heavily, eying each other with newfound respect. Now that they have caught each other's attention, they reengage. Devil and Paul wrestle their way to a ring corner, where Devil snares Paul in an elevated Boston crab hold. Pretty much it's just Paul's chin that's touching the canvas. You can read his pain in his face, which is all gritted teeth and bulging veins. Instinctively Hudson reaches for the ropes, but they are frustratingly close and out of reach.

Paul's tactics shift from traditional wrestling holds to heelish punishments, like stomping kneecaps to give Devil a taste of the perpetual pain that Hudson is feeling. The nastiness of Paul's temper raises the ire of Devil, who begins to show how he might have got that particular nickname. Having played the gentleman up to this point, Devitt repays kick for kick, with his thicker muscle and heavier build behind each blow.

The last 10 minutes of this contest are so savage they induce a physical reaction in the viewer almost as sharp as what these men feel. The heavy huffing barely keeps pace with the tossing and throwing as Paul and Devil tear into each other. Then, when Paul crosses the line with a low blow, he sets in motion two possible fates. Perhaps fighting dirty will pay off for him, leading to triumph, or perhaps crossing this line makes certain his downfall. Brace yourself, though, for a spectacular three-piledriver finish! BG East, after 40+ years, still the original, where the action is always first and foremost, fast and furious!

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There's no end to the creativity and punishiment that these two BGE excusive ring stars delliver!

Devil's tree trunk thighs stick Hudson into the mat for a pin with a neck-crunching cradle

Another provoctive photo demonstrating the agility and tit-4-tat gamesmanship of 2 top BGE stars

So who's got who here? Hudson punishes DD's knee while Devitt tries to escape the hold using his!

Hudson tries to tame the Devil and extinguish his flames with a side figure 4 headscissors

With Devitt's legs crossed and trapped, Hudson bridges high, trying to punish out a submission

Paul Hudson: 5'7, 150 lbs

World class grafter Double D puts the hurt on Hudson's back and shoulder with all four limbs locked

Exquisite kinetic sculpture, intense pro drama, and terrific talent are depicted in this great photo

One incredible hold after another! What!? A stump-puller, figure 4 leglock and headscissors combo?

Hudson howls in horror as his legs are locked in another of Devil Devitt's mind and wad blowers!

Fly, Hudson, fly! Up, up to the sky! Paul goes airborne as Double D beals him almost out of the ring

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