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  Morgan Cruise vs. Jayden Mayne

Early Morgan Cruise: 5'8, 170 lbs

Snatched up in the thick arms of the Mastodon, babyface Jayden suffers in a crushing bearhug

The Mastodon rages as he tramples the skinny chest of the prettyboy under his boots

Morgan muscles his way back to his feet, flexing out of the neck-crunching full nelson

Jayden's chiseled body is crushed and trampled under the golden boots of the Mastodon

Jayden gasps for air as his lungs are crushed under a trampling Cruise

School's... Out... For... Squashes! (From the Vault)

BGEast has produced and groomed some of the best heels, in its long history, but every so often a new heel has come along who stood out amongst the rest, who made everyone stand up and take notice. Morgan Cruise is just that kind of budding heel - strongly built, handsome, almost calm, but with a look in those gorgeous blue eyes that should strike fear in even the most experienced wrestler. As he learned at the feet of BGE's stars, Cruise mowed down every opponent the Boss put in the ring with him - and as Morgan blossomed into a dominating stud before our eyes, the matches weren't ever remotely close to being anything other than the nastiest beatdown. Now just the name sends a chill through the locker room. Yet... the man who took the early, sexy Morgan Cruise out, bringing him low, could go down in history. Every trainee wanted a piece of this action.

In this historic match, Jayden Mayne surrenders a significant amount of size and experience to Morgan Cruise, but the talented tough must be admired for even being willing to get into the ring with this crazed brute. Jayden Mayne came along and blazed a path as one of the best babyfaces, fearless and unwilling to submit without a serious fight. As Jayden approached Morgan flexing and admiring his ever-improving physique in the mirror alongside the ring, one couldn't have blamed him for thinking better of this training match, and leaving. But Jayden's made of sterner stuff, perfectly willing to put his athletic body through the potential beating lying in store for him, in the name of improvement. Or even besting the early heel!

"You sure you want to do this?" Morgan laughs at Jayden, as he flexes further, showing the youthful wrestler what is waiting for him inside the ring. Bravely Jayden climbs to the top of the corner ropes and launches himself at Morgan, only to be caught and his momentum used against him, as he is slammed into the center of the ring. Intimidating as he must be before a match, nothing could have prepared Jayden for the onslaught to come once Morgan's fighting mentality has been sparked. Each hold, each blow, each move is more brutal and more intense than the one before. The few chances Jayden gets to counter or strike back only rouse the blood lust in Master Morgan's heart and soul.

Morgan Cruise doesn't see his opponents as human - much less as trainees. He sees them as things that have to be broken and beaten! But somehow Jayden doesn't surrender, doesn't run away, just keeps taking blow after blow and move after move, somehow always managing to get back to his feet until he actually gets an advantage. Landing some blows to evil teacher Morgan's midsection, he traps the Mastadon-Man in a full nelson, driving his knee into Morgan's firm abs. Morgan is only willing to allow the gnat to annoy him for so long before he literally tosses him aside, flipping him over and throwing him to the mat like a rag doll. And if Jayden thought this training was rough before, Morgan hadn't even dug deep into his store of torture yet.

It's now pure Dominator Dominance. Morgan's superior strength, killer drive, and brutal experience batter the poor trainee. Cruise taunts him, flexing his biceps in Jayden's face as the man writhes in agony, before lifting him up and tossing him around some more, growing more and more creative with each hold, move, blow.

Jayden can do little more than moan, as what little resistance is left in his broken will remains focused on staying conscious, on surviving this training session long enough to find a chink in his foe's armor, to find the achilles heel... Remaining as defiant as he his strength allows, he tries to push the hunky heel away so he can escape the corner in which he is trapped, only to be thrown bodily back into the center of the ring as Morgan flexes and laughs and goes in for more. A desperate drop kick doesn't even stagger Morgan, who's now willing to let his squashee get a few shots in - because that always whets his lust to come up with new and ever more creative ways to torture his opponent...and keeps him from getting bored and finishing him off too soon...there's definitely a lesson being learned here!

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FREE Action Clip on Arena

Morgan hoists the lean jobber up in the air for a ring-shaking backwards slam to the mats

Jayden strapped across the heel as he's brought crashing down in an otk backbreaker

The lean muscled frame of Jayden bends perilously in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker

Jayden continues to suffer as his back is bent brutally in an over-the-shoulder backbreaker

Morgan Cruise bares his teeth as he bathes in the suffering of an Aryx-racked Jayden

Jayden puts everything he has in a desperate forearm to the muscled core of Cruise

Jayden Mayne: 5'8, 147 lbs

Cruise looks to drive the skull of his jobber into the mat as he plants him with a piledriver

Morgan looks set to grind his jobber into a stain on the mats with a spine-stomping step

Morgan drags his wasted jobber to the mirrors to gaze upon his own destruction

Prostrated before his conqueror, Jayden lies beaten and broken under the flexing, victorious heel

Stretched out in the corner, bent over the turnbuckles, Jayden suffers a rope-assisted bow-and-arrow

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