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  Brad Barnes vs. Braden Charron

Brad Barnes: 5’8, 200 lbs

Brad grimaces and groans as big bear claws sink in, ripping and tearing at his beefy pecs

Brad bellows in pain as he's carried around the ring in a backbreaking bearhug

Brad manages to turn the tables on his hulking foe with a swinging neckbreaker

Brad manages to get the upperhand on his bigger opponent as he flexes in a most muscular pose

Arm hammerlocked, Brad is driven face first into the mat, ground into the canvas

Ultra Baby Blue: Bodybuilder Bashing

Perhaps Brad Barnes's time has come. Brad did a spectacular bad-ass turn on cutie-pie Kip Sorell earlier this year, and in the opening shot of Hunkbash 23, the camera worships his perfect torso. In ultra-baby-blue trunks and matching wristbands, he combines classical heroism with all-American boy-next-door looks. "Don't let me interrupt your posing," Braden Charron urges, smirking as he crawls through the ring ropes behind Brad. Charron is solid iron and a close match for Barnes in height, but he has ten times the swagger and fifteen more pounds of muscle. He invites Brad to try to lift him off the mat. He's amused that Brad even tries, even more that he effortlessly succeeds. He then scoops up Brad. "Holy shit. You are lighter," he remarks and then slams Barnes's back to the mat.

Braden repeats the scoop slam simply because he can. He follows up by stomping the small of Brad's back. He digs his knee in and stretches the guy's arms back. He drives his elbow to Barnes's spine a couple of times and then stretches him back by an arm and a leg. Brad's boyish smile constricts to a grimace. Braden whips Brad from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, ultimately heaving him up on his shoulders in a backbreaker. Brad taps out, and Braden lets him fall facedown to the mat. Charron poses with his boot on Barnes's back. Seconds later, he stomps on the apparently unconscious babyface, brusquely announcing his readiness to resume the match. He throws Brad into a corner, pressing against him and strikes a double-biceps pose, bent on intimidating his opponent.

Charron whips Barnes to the opposite corner and charges in like a bull. Barnes deftly dodges the blow and fights back with the same vigor he showed earlier in destroying Sorell. It's Brad's turn to strike a pose as Braden crawls on all fours at his feet. The turnabout lasts only a minute before Braden, joints still throbbing in pain, takes his vengeance out of Barnes's hide. He threads Brad's firm body through the ropes, locks his fingers together on Brad's chin, and bends him back over the top rope. The bulgy front of Brad's blue trunks thrusts directly to the camera's eye. Brad's physique suffers heroically under Braden's unquenchable rage. Charron hurls the barely conscious Barnes to the center of the ring, bending him in a super-constricted Boston crab hold. Brad holds off for as long as he can, but the excruciating pain forces him to tap out a second time.

The match resumes with Charron bending and twisting his dazed opponent like a wrestling dummy. This is not wrestling. This is torture, harsh and cruel payment for Barnes's even daring to fight back earlier. The next eight or nine minutes roll out in a series of body locks, stretches, abdominal and pectoral claws, and forearm smashes. Braden metes out punishment upon punishment on Brad's nearly lifeless body. This is a hunk bash as the BG East gods intended it to be, and only a miracle can revive Brad's courage and fervor to turn this catastrophe into a victory for Barnes, a victory that looks more and more doubtful as the minutes tick by.

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Brad Barnes vs. Braden Charron
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Hunkbash 23 Arena Galleries

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Brad's bricked abs are exposed and targeted for a merciless, brutal gutbashing

Digging a brutal double claw into his pecs, Brad is bent backwards over the ropes

Braden carries Brad across his broad shoulders in a backbreaking torture rack

Braden's pecs swell with effort as he cranks his victim back in a crippling crossface

Brad bulges in his baby blue trunks as he's bent back over the ropes with a chinlock

Brad's thick pecs are ground into the turnbuckles as his arms are yanked back in a surfboard

Braden Charron: 5'8, 190 lbs

Braden brutally bends Brad's back in a punishing boston crab submission hold

Braden throws up a double bicep flex right in the face of his opponent in a show of dominance

Braden lords and looms over his hunky foe as he grovels on the canvas

Braden manages to turn his foe upside down in an inverted reverse bearhug

Braden raises his arms high exulting in victory with the beaten hunk laid out under his boot

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