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  Brawlerboy vs. Andy Flyer

Andy's power bridge

Andy Flyer

Crotch claw

Face to face intensity

Big beefy Brawlerboy

The Battle of Britain's Best!

Having bullied and beaten a baker's dozen Brits in bouts ranging from intensely competitive kit-stays-on shootfites to raunchy, no-holds (or holes) barred X-fights, Brawlerboy demanded the ultimate prize: a match with mini-legend, amateur hot-shot turned pro star Andy Flyer. After all, what bigger thrill for an undefeated underground fighter than a chance to use and abuse a perfect and perfectly-punchable Britpro superstar? As the barrel-chested brute stands face to face with the smooth babyface in blue, total one-sided destruction seems the only possible outcome. But Andy's no jobber: a series of armwrestling challenges, right-handed, then left, give glimpses of the fire within. And when Andy absorbs an unsporting sudden attack but then comes back with a shoulder-wrenching submission chickenwing, Brawlerboy's "I thought you were a jobber" expression says one thing: there's more to Andy than meets the eye! Andy threatens to make Brawlerboy's expected easy win a tables-turn humiliation, until a cheating choke leaves the pro prettyboy gasping and groggy. A frenetic, multiple momentum-turning finale replete with hot submissions, big bearhugs and a T-Bone suplex. Wow!

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Brawlerboy vs. Andy Flyer
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Andy choked out

Big Brawlerboy bearhug

Choked! Andy going out?

Andy ties up the Brawler

The lock up

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