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  Elite Eliot vs. Brute Baynard

Elite Eliot: 5'11, 190 lbs

Eliot's pouch props up perkily on the ropes as his body is bent over them in a backbreaking hold

Screams ring out from Eliot's tortured body as he's ground into the ring post with a bearhug

Brute is a man possessed, brutally bending and stretching the boy out in hairpulling double armbar

The sense has been completely knocked out of Eliot as he topples dazedly to the canvas

Eliot Ends: Brute stands triumphantly with a big bicep flex, the latest jobber trampled underfoot

GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm): Back Breakers

Mistake Number One for Elite Eliot is to mock his opponent Brute Baynard, calling him a "pipsqueak." Pipsqueak? Maybe because Brute is leaning against the opposite turnbuckle about eighteen feet away, he appears small, but really has Eliot that weak of a sense of linear perspective? "Look at me. I'm everything. Look at me. I'm Elite Eliot!" he barks out, more yapping than barking, perhaps. "Are you talking to somebody else?" Brute replies, genuinely bewildered and about a heartbeat away from ripping Eliot limb from limb. The fact that Eliot hasn't even a miniscule clue of the torment he's inviting makes fans of both all the giddier about seeing Brute slap this punk's big mouth clean off his face. Baynard saunters towards him. Eliot hops off his ring-corner perch to get a closer look. He gets it all right. "Oh shit!" he exclaims too late and the next second â?? BAMMM! Baynard cold-cocks him.

Okay, so Eliot is not knocked out, nor dead, not yet. Still, we're less than a minute into the action. "Oh God!" he exclaims, an unmistakable tremor in his voice now. Baynard bashes Eliot's forehead against the turnbuckle. He slugs the pretty-boy in the chest and follows with a back elbow to the forehead. Fans will need to turn the audio up because we're in for unique levels of screams and groans that are off the charts intense. Brute chokes Eliot against the middle rope. Eliot's face gets all puffy, his eyes clenched tight. His boots bang on the ring floor. Brute exits the ring so he can thread Eliot's trim body through the ropes for more punishment. "I take it back, man!" Eliot pleads, close to pissing himself. "Hey, you're gonna have to do more than that," Baynard growls.

Eliot miraculously breaks loose and crawls towards the center of the ring. Brute climbs in after him, stomping him like he's a cockroach. Then he drives his knee to the center of Eliot's spine, tugging his arms back by the wrists. Eliot begs to be released, to just end the torture here and now. Baynard refuses. "You're twisted, man. You're twisted!" Eliot whimpers. But Brute doubles the pressure for the longest minute of Eliot's almost certain-to-be-short life. When Brute shifts position, Eliot shouts, "I don't bend that way!" "You do now!" Brute counters. "This is a little extreme, don't you think?" Eliot manages to grit out almost as an aside. Brute doesn't agree. Brute wants to see this jerk suffer to the maximum, beyond extreme. Brute wants to reduce Eliot to jelly. "GIVE UP!" Brute demands. Insanely, Eliot refuses.

Brute focuses most of his attention now on Eliot's back, as though wrecking this stud's core from every angle is giving him the same twisted pleasure as he inflicts stomps and twists his victim's spine. On the ropes, with Eliot's bulge on display, or in a wrecking rack, the backbreaking focus is punctuated by temptations to just choke out his prey once and for all.

"Just breathe, just breathe," Eliot tells himself as the body torture continues. "You can breathe all you want," says Brute. "No, I can't," Eliot replies, the last word "can't" barely an audible squeak. "In theory," Brute says, clarifying his previous claim. The big guy pulls the punk up by a fist full of his hair. Eliot throws his hardest punch into Brute's gut. Nothing. He attempts a second punch. Brute answers by balling his two fists together, raising them over his head, and bringing them down thunderously upon Eliot's skull. Eliot's eyes are open, but he sees nothing as he feebly reaches for a ring rope.

This match is a perfect way to introduce BG East's Body Torture series. We get Elite Eliot's vanity and slim, astonishingly sturdy body taking blow after blow and wrench after wringing wrench from man-mountain Brute Baynard, one of the scariest heels on the BGE roster. It's a fast-paced, sweaty blitzkrieg in and out of the squared circle. A slamming finisher may keep Eliot out of the wrestling ring for good!

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Elite Eliot vs. Brute Baynard
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Elite Eliot's exquisite body gets devastatingly driven chestfirst into the unforgiving turnbuckle

Eliot is brought low and stretched out with a back-wrecking kneeling surfboard hold

Brute looks down pitifully at the crying jobber as he holds his busted back and begs for mercy

Eliot's body gets bent backwards brutally over the ring ropes with a tight, commanding choke

Eliot gets the life choked out of him as Brute lowers him to the mats

The "pipsqueak" closes in for the kill on the wounded, pummeled, pretty-in-pink punk

Brute Baynard: 5'10, 210 lbs

Brute bends the prettyboy in pink to breaking with a single arm jap strangle, bow-and arrow combo

Brute stomps around the ring with the jobber across his broad shoulders in a torture rack

The writing is on the wall for Elliot as he's choked out with his own arms in a double jap strangle

Eliot feels the life leaving his body, a big knee barelling into his spine and crushing him

Eliot is flat on his back, completely helpless with his ripped abs trampled under a big boot

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