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  Austin Cooper vs. Trey Dixon

Austin Cooper: 5'9, 175 lbs

Trey gets snatched from behind and lifted off the mat in a rib-crushing reverse bearhug

Big, bad Cooper treats Trey like a doormat as he drives his foot deep into his muscled midsection

Trey takes control of the big guy (and the match!) with a tight, crushing side headlock

Austin works on breaking down every inch of Trey's body with an ab-stretching bow-and-arrow

Trey rides the big boy's back, seeking a submission with a neck-twisting rear chinlock

Cooped Up with Austin

We begin with a closeup of the crotch of Trey Dixon's white trunks. The camera backs up, and we see him with hands on his hips and a stern expression on his face. The camera pans to the opposite wall where Austin Cooper stands facing him in the same posture. Both wrestlers have distinguished histories at BG East. Dixon has squared off against greats like Kid Karisma and Dev Michaels, and Cooper has an especially storied career, taking on Christian Taylor and Cameron Matthews in award-winning matches and honored with not one, not two, but three Wrestler Spotlight collections. The stony silence between them is broken as they approach the center of the ten-foot circle, hunched down and leaning in. "You ready for this?" Trey asks.

Both men are in top condition and weight difference means Trey's muscles are even more evident as they flex in readiness. The two stars lock up, but Austin quickly breaks the hold and lunges. Arms wrapping Trey's waist, Austin hoists Trey off the mat into a splintering bearhug. Repeatedly, he stomps his feet to add jolting pressure to Dixon's lower spine. "I think I am ready for this," Austin says. "You weren't." Groaning but defiant, Trey drives his elbow between Austin's shoulder blades, attempting to break free. Austin deftly spins him around, into a reverse bearhug, his forearms clamped down just under the ribs. Trey writhes in hellish agony. Austin flings him face down to the mat, locking on a full nelson, Cooper's thick thighs pinching Dixon's waist. Austin repositions himself to stretch his opponent's body and smacks his chest with forearm thrusts.

Can Trey withstand Austin's onslaught? Austin not only has big muscles (those shoulders! Those thighs!), but he knows wrestling holds so well that they have become instinctive in him. Even worse news is the satisfaction Cooper gets from causing his opponents to suffer. But Trey has wiles that match Austin's muscles. When Austin has a lock on his head and left arm, Trey raises his right arm and pushes Austin's chin back, and his legs spring up and clamp Cooper in a headscissors. The pain is enough to throw Austin into a rage-induced frenzy, during which he busts loose of Trey's grip. Austin has an ego that stretches beyond the walls of the BGE mat room, and he drives his forearm and feet into Trey's chest with great force, again and again. All this, by the way, fits into just the 30-minute match's first three minutes!

We are used to seeing this level of reckless abandon in the squared circle, but we seldom see it in the mat room. Whatever role Austin Cooper assumes, be it babyface or heel, he throws himself into it. The guy is one of our masters of pain, both in expressing it and inflicting it. His good looks and brutish behavior may seem incompatible, but the mix of the two has raised Austin to the highest ranks of BGE superstars. Trey Dixon is no pushover, though. His taste for a good hard scrap is equal to Austin's, and his litheness and speed give him some advantage over his heavier opponent. Unfortunately, advantage like these can turn to pulp in Austin's mighty clutches. Like BG East itself, Austin Cooper eats mayhem for breakfast, and it is hard to pull one's eyes away from his muscles and ruinous capabilities in his peak moments. These peak moments are seemingly supernatural in this match, quite possibly his best performance ever.

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Austin Cooper vs. Trey Dixon
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Trey finds himself in agony, trapped and stretched out with Coop's claw digging deep in his abs

Coop delights in the punishment he's doling out as he pulls the schoolboyed scrapper up by his hair

Trey gets slung across Cooper's massive boulders, his spine bent in the torture rack

Double trouble: Cooper insanely increases the pressure of the bodyscissors with an ab claw

Dixon looks about to reach his breaking point with his legs trapped and back bending

Coop works an excruciating figure-four leglock to wring a submission from his foe

Trey Dixon: 5'10, 155 lbs

A reverse schoolboy leaves the smaller, ripped stud open to a brutal gutbashing from Cooper

Dixon's chiseled core is turned into ruinous mush with a big gutbuster over Coop's knee

Austin unleashes the sadistic beast within and leans back with a spine-punishing boston crab

Austin brings Trey's magnificent midsection crushing down across his outstretched knee

Trey refuses to let himself get railroaded as he tries to battle free of the triangle headlock

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