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  Mason Brooks vs. Lobo Gris

Mason Brooks: 5'9, 150 lbs

Lobo holds his prey in place with a sock to the face and a claw to the bulge in a single leg boston

Lobo looks to walay the legend as he works at stripping the upperclassman of his footwear

Lobo pays for his disrespect with an arching chinlock, toehold combo from masterful Mason

Insult to injury: a double arm-barred Mason gets a faceful of sweat-soaked socks

The violet-headed brawler, Mason Brooks, looks to bring the scruffy, wild Latino to heel

"I may have underestimated you a little bit!"

Mason Brooks is wrestling with a new attitude to go along with his shocking new shade of carmine hair, and his even more beautifully built muscles. Not that Mason has ever lacked for confidence, but he's several steps farther down the road toward full-on arrogant, in his recent matches. He's been reading his own fawning fan reviews, and he's showing up that much more convinced that he deserves to be respected and feared. "You've got nice pecs, man," Lobo Gris admires when meeting him for the first time. "Um, no shit," Mason smirks with contempt. "Tell me something I didn't already know."

The first item on Mason's agenda for breaking in Lobo is to impress the Mexican hunk with the Spanish that Mason has picked up during his spring breaks in Cancun. Lobo is not impressed, and makes sure to introduce Mason to the useful phrase, "Me rindo," when he's threatening to snap the sputtering heel in half in a single leg crab. "I submit," Mason cries in agony. "No hablo ingles," Lobo spits back at him, insisting on hearing the words in his native tongue. It turns out Mason is a quick study when he's screaming for mercy.

The second item on Mason's original agenda for this match is to make Lobo his dress up doll. "I took the liberty of picking out some gear for you," the seasoned heel explains. "Just a few things that I thought would look good on you when you're flat on my back, all stretched out, with me on top of you." It's understandable that the heel has designs on seeing every inch of the rookie hunk in, and out of, a range of sexy gear. Lobo's open admiration for Mason's gorgeous body probably factors in to the Mexican hunk's willingness to go along with the offered gear-for-submission stakes. "When you submit, I get to pick out new gear for you," Mason explains. "We'll see," Lobo growls.

The match veers quickly and wildly from the way Mason planned it. The two are astonishingly evenly matched in both skill and aggression. The seasoned heel applies his thickly muscled physique to lock Lobo down in a headlock, sliding his free hand slowly down the rookie's lightly hairy torso and giving his big balls a warning squeeze. Lobo's extensive underground wrestling expertise is showcased, however, when he muscles his way back on top. The Mexican muscle man uses a full nelson to wring the heel out, while simultaneously using his feet to stroke Mason to distraction. "Seems like you're enjoying this," Lobo purrs in Mason's ear, and it's not exactly like the heel can deny the obvious.

For every submission, one hunk has to strip naked and don the next skimpier gear choice selected for him. Those moments in between the action, as they study each other's hotly built naked bodies, tell the real tale of what's at stake in this international class of muscle hunks. Mason can't keep his hands off of squeezing Lobo's ass, or his tongue away from lapping at his opponent's perky nipples. When the rookie roars back into contention, he grinds his crotch into Mason's fan-favorite ass and gropes his famously fit torso. "Those pecs... and your abs are so nice, too," Lobo coos, before pounding a fist viciously into Mason's core.

Mason was not expecting the fierce fight or the expertly erotic offense that Lobo shoves in his face. Lobo was clearly not expecting to have to squeeze his ample assets into the miniscule jockstrap Mason picks out after the penultimate submission. In the end, it's clear that one of these gorgeously muscled wrestlers had no idea that he'd be sleepered out cold, gagged with the victor's sweaty socks, and left humiliated in a pool of sweat and tears. Some of the finest moments in wrestling happen when things just don't go according to plan!

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Lobo's limbs need to loosen up to survive Mason's punishing bow-and-arrow variation

It may be curtains for Lobo as Mason's camel clutch adds in a rear choke for good measure

As if the surfboard wasn't bad enough, Lobo works in a little crotch torture with his foot

Lobo's legs are in serious trouble as Mason works a painful, punishing leglock

Where he belongs, Lobo is stretched out and pinned with his muscled foe's crotch in his face

Mason's manhood is targeted with a big brutal stomp from the scrappy, socked rookie

Lobo Gris: 5'10, 186 lbs

Mason struggles to muscle free of the full nelson as his chin is crunched into his pecs

A grinning, hairy Lobo enjoys his time on top with a crotch-grabbing bodyscissors, pit-smother hold

Mason is mastered by his hairy challenger, sucking down more pit sweat in the gutbash

Hoisted off the ground in a reverse bearhug, Lobo gets the air crushed from his lungs

Is this the end for Mason?! His arms start to flail and sag in Lobo's tightening sleeper

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