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  Freddy Campbell vs. Rocky Sparks*

Freddy Campbell: 5'11, 185 lbs

Freddy picks apart his furry, chiseled foe with a nipple-twisting, crotch-crushing gutbash

A bulge-busting ball battle for the boys as Rocky works offense on his bigger opponent

Turnabout is fair play! Rocky lays down a crippling crotch claw, riding high in a schoolboy pin

Rocky gets a taste of his own medicine, rolled up on his shoulders with a sneaker-smother

Freddy promises Rocky that the punishment is almost over as he appears to appeal for mercy

Getting Ready for the Big Game

Teammates Rocky Sparks and Freddie Campbell are trading passes in practice before their upcoming soccer match, when the ball rolls into the wrestleshack. When they go in to retrieve the errant ball, Freddie asks, "Are you ready for the game?" "I am," Rocky challenges, "but I'm not sure you are." It turns out, back-up striker Rocky has his sights set on taking over Freddie's position. And he's decided now is the time to make his play to upend the team captain in one-on-one, balls out, no-holds-barred combat.

Freddie makes the most of his height and size advantage, muscling his ripcord challenger to the mat and latching on a vicious ball claw like the boss he knows he is. You get to be team captain by taking charge, and you earn your way to starting striker by being aggressive and executing pinpoint accuracy in kicking the shit out of balls. Shoving the soccer ball between Rocky's thighs, Freddie kicks it with that combination of precision and power that earned him the striker position in the first place, and viciously crushes Rocky's testicles. "Say I'm the better player," Freddie offers, "and we'll leave it at that."

No one who's ever seen Rocky wrestle will be surprised that he refuses to concede the point. Showing off his own precision footwork, he levels the team captain with a strike to the groin and smoothly transitions the big man into a surfboard. Freddie weeps and wails, twist-tied and tested. "Say I'm a better striker than you," Rocky demands, gas pedaling Freddie's tortured balls like he's at the starting line of a drag race. "Never," Freddie gasps defiantly, sucking down the agony.

The contest for striker takes both of these hungry young hunks down a dark, sadistic journey to determine not so much who's better, but who can take more pain. Freddie manhandles his lightweight opponent into a camel clutch and cranks way back, squeezing out a scream, but no concession. Patient and dangerous as a cobra, Rocky strikes at just the right moment by rolling his captain into a spladle and throttling Freddie's balls with vicious abandon. Item by item, they don't just strip each other out of their gear, they use every last item to brutalize and humiliate each other. Gagged with sweaty socks and ball-battered with boots, both beautiful footballers are driven to sweat-soaked screams of anguish. When Rocky manages to wrench a gasping submission, but not a concession, out of Freddie, the challenger snarls, "See, that's why I want to be striker, because I know how to fucking win! The only reason you're striker is because you're so goddamn cute!"

The contest takes a decisive turn once it's clear that Rocky wants more than just Freddie's role on the team. "So you think I'm cute?" Freddie snarls, locking lips and exploiting the distraction to hoist Rocky into a full nelson, with a reach-through ball claw to wring more screams of agony out of his challenger. "You want a new position? I think this may be the perfect position for you," Freddie taunts, rolling his ripped rival into a spladle and cranking savagely on his balls.

The harder they punish each other, the more sweat they squeeze, the more visibly aroused the teammates become. Pulling the cork out of their mutual, yet unspoken, unrequited lust, they careen headlong into an intoxicating mixture of ball torture and cock pleasure that drives them both to the edge. One fierce fighter wrings the last drops of sweat and tears out of his rival, along with the final concession, "It's you, you're the rightful striker!" And then, nothing rebuilds team spirit like jerking each other off on the game ball!

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Freddy Campbell vs. Rocky Sparks*
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A feral Freddy shoulders his smaller foe around the shack with a crotch-clawing torture rack

Freddy feigns concern for his opponent, taunting him as he works his bulge in a single leg boston

Freddy's screams of pain echo through the outdoor arena as his balls are ground underfoot

Freddy flags and fades as Rocky batters and busts his balls with a sneaker in the spladle

Rocky gets rolled with his neck cranked and crotch ripped wide open in a spladle

Freddy and Rocky lock lips in the Wrestleshack as the action is reaching the boiling point

Rocky Sparks: 5'9, 155 lbs

The adorable little soccer boys in blue look to settle their differences in the Wrestleshack

Get a whiff of that! Rocky shoves a sweaty soccer sneaker in Freddy's face

Rocky reels and struggles desperately to break free as his crotch is targeted and clawed again

Rocky utilizes the rafters to crush and trample his opponent into the mats under his socked feet

A fish-hookin' Freddy continues to run his smart mouth as he rides Rocky in a modified camel clutch

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