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  Dante Lesen vs. Masked Menace

Newbie Dante Lesen: 6'3, 180 lbs

Menace smothers the rookie with his pit in an inverted headlock as he strips him of his gear

A rear choke enables Menace to seize hold of the patriotic pouched star's thick stripe

Masked Menace grinds the prettyboy's face into his crotch with a double hammerlock

Poor Dante howls as his bulge gets mercilessly menaced by the masked heel

Masked Menace pulls Dante's face in close, smothering him with his rock-hard pecs

Dante's Inferno

What is it about masked wrestlers that makes them so sexy?

BGEast has long featured incredibly sexy and skilled masked wrestlers. With just their eyes visible, it is hard to read what they are thinking, feeling, experiencing - which adds yet another layer of erotic mystique to matches that are always a little sexually charged. The Masked Menace has been beating down every comer since he first signed on the dotted line - and he doesn't care where he fights his matches. Anytime, anywhere, anyone is his motto! He flexes in the matroom in his mask and singlet, the straps barely covering his nipples, his firmly muscled torso dusted with hair as his biceps strain and ripen. He is quite a sight to behold as his opponent, a fresh-faced strongly built young stud named Dante Lesen, opens the door carefully and steps inside. Confident but not fully sure of himself or what is to come, Dante tentatively touches the firmly flexed arms, allows his hands to slowly drift down the hairy upper body of the fireplug Masked Menace - waiting for an indication that his touch isn't welcome. It doesn't come as he allows his fingertips to slightly stroke the skin of his foe, and who could blame the rookie for copping a feel? Is the rookie here to wrestle or worship the masked man?

The Masked Menace allows the youngster to keep with the soft, gentle touching and stoking - who doesn't like to be worshiped and admired? - before having enough of it. He pushes the stud away, shoves him down onto the mat, and stomps down on Dante's exposed crotch with a brutal boot! Staggered, Dante holds onto his damaged package as the Menace grabs two handfuls of hair, pulling him up into a brutal standing head scissors, with Dante's face shoved into his musky crotch for that extra touch of humiliation! He eases the pressure and Dante drops to the mat again, only to have those treacherous thighs clamped shut around his head yet again.

Every muscle fiber in the Menace's legs tightens and flexes, the pressure building, the pain so intensive poor Dante can't think, let alone muster up a counter-offensive or even an escape! But Dante's struggles aren't enough to free him, and maybe - maybe he isn't trying that hard. Maybe he likes the feel of legs of steel crushing his head, as Menace varies the head scissors, altering the hold but not the power, controlling the young stud with ease. Yet the boy doesn't surrender, just allows his hands to drift along the flexed quads of his foe, admiring the power despite the pain it is causing him.

Menace seductively slips down one of Dante's singlet straps, exposing his smooth chest and an erect pink nipple - which makes an inviting target for attack. The other strap goes down, providing yet another nipple for the predatory machinations of the Masked Menace! Another boot to his balls and Dante rolls about in agony until the Masked Menace slowly and erotically peels the youngster out of his singlet, tossing it aside like so much refuse.

Straddling the boy's pretty face, the Menace starts pounding on Dante's exposed and defenseless abs, choking him, working over the nipples until they are reddened and aflame before moving the attack on down to his groin. The brutality of the ball torture somehow isn't enough for the brave, determined rookie to scream out a submission, which only spurs the Menace on to further abuse and debasement of the helpless BG East newbie. The Masked Menace is having a marvelous time conducting a clinic of abuse and brutality on Dante's beautiful body.

Ball abuse, then Menace focuses on Dante's legs and groin! A brutal banana spladle split variation exposes the package. Menace pushes the legs further and further apart, the hamstrings stretching as taut as violin strings. Next for the back - a brutal over-the-knee backbreaker, a vicious Boston crab transitioning into a single leg and then back to both. Dante's body drips with sweat, his skin reddened as the Menace keeps bending and stretching him in ways the human body isn't supposed to twist and extend. A few more ab punches and crotch grabs and Dante lies prone on the mat... but the match isn't over until the Menace says its over...

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Menace works a crotch-clawing bow and arrow variation on the ripped rookie jobber

Dante gets bent and broken over Menace's knee with his bulge exposed to another claw

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Dante dozes off into dreamland with a tight, constricting figure four headscissors

Masked Menace: 5'5, 170 lbs

The masked musclestud stands tall with a double bicep flex over the kneeling newbie

The masked stud continues to lord his muscle advantage with a standing headscissors

Dante thrashes and writhes in a desperate bid to escape a crippling crotch claw

Seated victoriously atop the delicious debuting babyface, Menace flexes dominantly

Dante's mouthwatering muscled body gets bent and twisted in a grounded abstretch

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